I’ll try being nicer if you try being smarter!

So, I have a boss. As most others do. But mine is special. She’s getting increasingly more ‘out there’. Today, she decided to hold a lunch for everyone, promising a wonderful ‘surprise!’. I knew this could go nowhere good.

So on a non-descript Monday, at lunch, while eating food, we were assaulted by four women barreling into the conference room, half dressed and jiggling. Yes, she brought in BELLY DANCERS??!! Please note, I am an office drone, and nothing in our office has anything to do with belly dancers, belly dance culture, sequins, jiggles, etc, etc. I was so humiliated for her. She seemed genuinely perplexed as to why people didn’t love watching the fat fly while they were trying to eat. I can appreciate the effort, I can appreciate the practicing, I can appreciate the balls it takes to do that in public, but I also appreciate SOME tone of the body if you will. I’m not a supermodel, and I know bellydancers need some flab, but seriously, would you want this gyrating in front of you while you were trying to digest?


Seriously. I feared for my safety. Someone almost lost an eye. Really.

Let’s hope tomorrow doesn’t yield such surprises. Ahem. 



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