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Pet Peeves Galore

I have more pet peeves than the average person. In fact, I have more pet peeves than anyone I know. I am known for starting sentences with, “Ugh, I HATE it when…….” And the thing is, I really let them get to me.

I also hate being bored, which I am right now and have been for like, days for some reason. So, to curb my boredom and release some of my pent-up pet peeve frustrations, I’m now going to list some things I hate. My hope is that someone will read this and go, “I do that….I should stop that, cuz I never realized how annoying it is to others…….and by others, I mean Talea.”

1) I have noticed a dramatic increase in the number of completely able bodied, fully capable individuals pressing the handicapped button to open doors. Now, this irritates me to NO end for a few reasons. First, you are totally able to open the door yourself, you stupid fool. Be grateful for that and exert a little energy! Two, it takes the door approximately sixteen million times longer (I might be exagerrating, but only by a bit) to open when you push the button, and once it’s pushed, you can’t push the door open any faster. Just because you’re a lazy bastard doesn’t mean you get to impede me trying to get to work on time. When you push the button, I have to slow down and wait for the doors to slooooooowly open and allow you through. Three, it’s a total and utter waste of energy. We are all fat nowadays and we’re also experiencing serious environmental issues. So take a stance! Open a door, burn some calories and don’t use electricity to open the door for you! GAHHHH! This really irks me and has become my biggest ‘thing’ as of late.

2) People who walk without turning their head in the direction they are travelling. Honestly. Two year olds can get away with this, five year olds have pretty much mastered it, so why are adults so bloody ignorant? My favourite is when a whole gaggle of yappy women walk slowly out of a store on Queen Street on the weekend, into the jam packed sidewalks of Toronto, without looking first to see how many people they’ll be cutting off. I have rammed into many of them, I assure you. I feel that if you can’t be bothered to turn your head as a common courtesy, then I can smash into you, cuz you’re dumb and probably need some sense knocked into you anyhow. Look where you’re going! I’d hate to see these people drive.

3) The fact that ‘racism’ can only be committed against non-whites. I’m not going to go into this in great detail, or the government will probably charge me with some sort of hate crime, but seriously. When a job posting specifically states that you are only allowed to apply if you are of ‘Indian/Chinese/Whatever other non-white culture’, this is racism. However, it is called equity. I call it crap. If you want equality (note: there is a serious difference between equity and equality), then do this. Take all the resumes you receive and number them. The person making the calls to line up interviews will have to decide whether a person is worthy of the job based on their qualifications and not based on their name and the culture it implies.

4) Slow walkers. I HATE slow walkers.

5) When I answer the phone and say, “Hello, such and such a company” and the person on the other end goes, “Uh…hellooooooow?”. NO! No, no, no. This is NOT how the game works. See, when I answer the phone, then it’s YOUR turn to tell me why you’re phoning. Do not act shocked that someone answered during regular business hours. Do not say hello to reconfirm that I am there. I am. I just answered your call. Now, what do you want? I dont’ have the time or patience to sit there playing the ‘hello’ ‘hello’ ‘hello?’ ‘Hello?’ game with you. If you insist on playing this game, then I might accidentally lose the connection or hang up.

6) I despise it when people talk badly about the police. I have no tolerance for this. Yes, I’m sure that some of them are corrupt. No, I don’t doubt that some can be pricks once in a while. But people, do you seriously want them to just go away? Lawless society isn’t fun. You should be immeasurably grateful that there are people out there willing to risk their lives so that you can live yours in just and peaceful manner, and feel relatively safe doing so. Yes, parking tickets suck. But I think that paying a small fine here and there is worth having someone look out for you.

7) Waiting. I hate waiting. I hate waiting for the subway. I hate waiting for the light to change. I hate waiting for them to make my tall, extra-hot, non-fat, no-whip, extra foam, sugar free white chocolate moccachino. I hate waiting for bad movies to end. I hate waiting for slow talking people to finish their sentences. I hate waiting for someone to come and take my order. I hate waiting for the photocopier to warm up. I hate waiting for payday. I hate waiting for winter to end. I hate waiting in line. I hate waiting for webpages to load. I hate waiting. And it’s not that I’m an exceptionally busy person who has a million other things to do. I just hate waiting.

8 ) I hate rap. Or hip-hop. Or R&B. Or whatever those crazy kids are calling it nowadays.  I dont think that singing about murder, jail, bitches or ho’s is anything that anybody should be subjected to listen to.

 9) I hate it when they dont have my size, or my favourite flavour. That just sucks.

10) I hate being woken up. I’m a real bitch when that happens (ask my bf), and I don’t even really mean to be. But I am a girl who needs her sleep, and if you get in the way, I can’t be held responsible for what I’ll do or say.

 Well, I think 10 is a good number for a list of hated things. They probably won’t be completely popular with some people (those who love rap music for example), but that’s the risk I take, and the reason I take it behind the anonymity of the internet.

I feel much better now, and I’ve wasted half an hour of my boring, boring work day doing it. Stay tuned. I have WAY more things that irk me. I must be feeling peaceful today. Ha.


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  1. Uh…shiznat…and F.T.P. to the eff-you-brah! or something? Wait, that’s californian. Um, fo’ shizzle my nizzle in the hizzouse? Oh, wait, I do know ‘hella crunk’. It’s apparently a combination of crazy and drunk. But now it’s a noun. Like there is a drink out there called crunk. We must find it.

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