I’ll try being nicer if you try being smarter!

Now HE needs a seatbelt

If you will remember, I recently had an altercation with gravity. I lost. Apparently though, my curse continues. Last night, I was lying on the couch trying to nap while the boyfriend was playing with the puppy. I heard her throw her toy onto the ground, and a few seconds later I hear a stunted ‘Whoa!’ I opened my eyes to see a full grown, 28 year old man rolling himself off the couch. He just fell right off. And since we live in such a fucking sardine can, he managed to smash his elbow on the TV, the speaker and the wine bar all on the way down, then land on said elbow.

For a few moments, I was concerned, as it was obvious he was in serious pain. However, after I confirmed he could indeed move the arm and nothing was broken, I was in hysterics. Dying of laughter. I couldn’t breathe. The mental image was too priceless. In the eight years we’ve been together, I don’t ever recall seeing him fall down. And here he was, throwing himself off a couch for a purple, slobbery, squeaky dolphin shaped dog toy. Awesome.

Falling down is the funniest shit there is.


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