I’ll try being nicer if you try being smarter!

Acts of kindness

This morning on my usual walk through an alley to get to the subway station, I passed by the same Starbucks I always do.  But this time, I saw something very heartwarming.

One of the barista’s from Starbucks was heading outside with his platter of little frappuccino samples. But instead of going to Queen Street where the masses walk by, he headed straight over to the side of the little walkway, to a homeless man who was sleeping there. He bent over, said something to the guy, and offered him several of the sample cups. That made me smile. Sure, it might seem frivolous and perhaps this guy would benefit more from some bread and water, but why shouldn’t he be allowed to indulge himself in orange creme blended frappuccino’s too? I’m sure he appreciated it. And it put me in a lovely mood this morning.

Acts of kindness. You just have to pay attention, I guess. Even Starbucks has a soul.

 Starbucks: Approved by the Saviour Himself


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