I’ll try being nicer if you try being smarter!

My name is Talea. Not Talia. Not Taliah, Taleah, Talee, Taylee, Taluloo, or Toledo. It’s not Salsa, Julia or Maria. It is Talea.  (please note, I have been called all of those things, and that’s in recent memory…..and interestingly enough, I got Toledo and Salsa on the same damn day).

Googling my name is kind of fun. So is Wikipedia-ing it. And going to the LCBO with it. Here are things I have found out about my name, or at least the word that is spelt the same as it:

  • I have the same name as Talea, the Italian Amaretto Liquor. I own two glasses that have my name on it that came with the bottle. Also with the bottle are recipes, which instruct you on concocting fantastic alcoholic pleasures, such as the ‘Talea Dream.’ Yeaaaaah. That’s right.

  • There is a convent in Romania named after me. Holy shit, I’m holier than I thought.

  • It rhymes with Korea. Though I have not a drop of Korean blood in me.

  • It’s a part of an isorhythm, which apparently has something to do with Greek melodies or something. Oh well, if that’s the worst thing I get out of Greekdom, it’s okay, cuz I could have wound up with some seriously pissed off Gods and some incest. Crazy Greeks.

  • This coffee machine is named the Talea:

  •  I have a variety of beautiful rose named after me. See here:

  • In Spanish, it means something botanical. I have no idea what, since all I can say in Spanish is ‘hola’ and ‘yo quiero Taco Bell’. But when I google it, lots of spanish sites pop up, with pictures of trees and seeds and such.

I think that’s all I can come up with. There’s a band out there called Talea and Color, but that’s a reference to the greek music thing again. I love my name. I do. I think it’s very nice, and though nobody EVER pronounces it right, I’m glad I’m Talea and not Emerald, Bobbi Jo or Susie or Martha.

P.S……Since Emerald is like, the only person who reads this blog, I chose her name to cross out, all joke-like, I didn’t just pick the name of a random green stone.

Remember….it rhymes with Korea.





Comments on: "Me and my weird-ass name" (1)

  1. Jerk-face.

    Um, yeah, you google my name, and you’ll probably just end up with naked pictures of me. unless you google my name in the same sentance as ‘alfonse mucha’…then you’ll get my next tattoo.

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