I’ll try being nicer if you try being smarter!

Like every normal, literate human today, I am a fan of Harry Potter. I have no problem admitting it. I’m not a freak about it, I’ve read each book once and I genuinely love them.

So I was all excited today to go buy the seventh book (which is SO bittersweet, cuz then what?).

Imagine my surprise and glee when someone knocked on our door this morning. It was Canada Post, delivering a copy! I thought that Dumbledore must have been smiling down on me or something. Then I realized that it’s cuz we just moved into this place and the last resident had pre-ordered her copy a good while ago.

Now, I am stuck with a book that I desperately want to read, but a law that says I can’t open her mail. Plus, the threat that she may have only moved down the street and could show up, demanding her book. And you probably don’t want to mess with a Harry Potter fan who ordered the book that far in advance.

My plan is……I dont know. I don’t have a plan. Just a serious, serious dilemma.


Signed, truly confused. Sigh.


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