I’ll try being nicer if you try being smarter!

My day sucked. It sucked bad. It was just one of those horrible days where little thing after little thing piles up and eventually you want to beat everybody around you. Where as soon as someone opens their mouth, you want to scream, ‘Shut up! Whatever you are about to say is no doubt unimportant, if not infuriating, so just be quiet now! Before you make my day suck anymore!’

It started with me arriving to work freakishly early. This is never good, since it means there is a longer amount of time before I can run back out the doors. Anyways, I got there freakishly early and there was this woman there waiting to see ‘a traffic ticket?’. I assumed she meant ‘a lawyer who will help me fight my traffic ticket, which I clearly deserved.’ There are multiple traffic lawyers in my business centre, so I asked who specifically she was speaking of. She didn’t know. Did she know the name of the company? No. Had she spoken to anybody at all? No. Well, then I posed the question, ‘Well, how exactly did you wind up here then? You must have heard of the lawyer somehow.’ Her response? “I asked my friend, cuz she gets many tickets, and she say to try pink building. So I come here and ask downstairs.”

Note to self: Next time you are downstairs, accidentally cast nasty glare at dude who sits at the building directory desk.

I sent her on her way, only to be assaulted by several assholes on the phone. One particular dick, who didn’t seem to grasp the concept of ‘they are not in the office’ kept going and bugging me so long, I lost it on him. His quip of ‘Well, pardon me, but I assumed that when I saw a letter from someone and their name was listed under a letterhead, I could get in touch with them by calling the number in the letterhead.’ My response was, “Indeed. I am aware of the concept of a phone call.” In THE voice. At this point, he finally accepted my offer to give him the fucking voicemail.

I also argued with someone so much that she hung up on me, after I informed her (after she badgered me, telling me that there must be SOMEone there, I just wasn’t passing her through, and could I DO that please?’). My reply was equally snotty, and I was delighted to hear the click as she finally had had enough of me.

The rest of my day just kind of sucked. My boss was annoying. People kept locking themselves out of their offices and getting me to open the door. Then I got on the subway  and was lucky enough to have to sit next to this guy who brought his SUV stroller with his little kid in it. This guy had the voice louder than a foghorn, and made choo choo noises, references to poopy, announced every station to said child, continually said ‘look! we’re in a tunnel! Oh! Almost there’ and then took to chanting ‘Aaaarrrrrrrrgo’s’ in an attempt to get the kid to do it too. I turned to awesome friend and informed her I was going to get my damned tubes tied tomorrow. Just to avoid having to do that. Strollers should be outlawed from the TTC.

And now I come home, and I have lost my boyfriend. As in, I literally have no idea where the hell he is. He was in New York yesterday and was supposed to be back this afternoon. It’s 9:30 at night, and I don’t even know what damned country he’s in. Super. Duper. He always makes supper. Who’s going to make me dinner??! Ah! Well, cookies and tuna for supper tonight.

Today Sucked. Capital S. I shall go remedy this with my friend, Mr. Cabernet Sauvignon.


Comments on: "I should have stayed in bed. Or at least off the phones." (2)

  1. Yeah, see, I’m all about condolences from Mr. Jack Daniels.

    “Mrs. Daniels? MRS. DANIELS!?!? CAN I SPEAK TO JACK??? What?!?! Oh my God, when?!?!”
    Poor old Jack, he was a great man, but he was always playing with that wheat thresher, ALWAYS PLAYING WITH THAT WHEAT THRESHER!!!!!

    Ahem. Yeah.

  2. The ride home sounds shitty. I think it’s kinda obvious to note that just beacuse other people suck ass at parenting doesn’t mean you would also. Being a sucky ass parent is the only way one comes to behave that way on the subway.

    Also, Argos? Really?! Hahaha, man, this dude needs to find something better to randomly chant.

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