I’ll try being nicer if you try being smarter!

So, somehow the Google geniuses figured out that it takes less energy to power up a monitor showing black than white (59 watts for black, 74 for white). So anyways, being that Google is uber-popular, when you add it up, apparently you can save hundreds of megaWatts a year if people viewed Google as a black screen. You’re thinking, ‘Talea, I dont know where the black screen option is on my stupid computer!’ Well folks, neither do I. But I do know how to go to Blackle. It’s Google….in black! Start saving those megawatts kids!

This is useful for me, since I use google for everything. I’m not a Wikipedia girl, never got into it, but I am Google freak. But, I will now be a Blackle freak. Plus, it’s fun to say. Blackle, blackle, blackle. Second only to loudly screaming ‘Shiznat, shiznat, shiznat!’ while drunk. Try it. It’s fun.

On to other environmental tidbits……I am currently known around the office as the Styrofoam Nazi. Folks, I’m proud of this moniker of mine.

We have a little kitchen here, complete with a cute little pod-coffee machine. When I arrived, people only had the option to bring their own mugs (which, lets face it, almost nobody does) or to use the styrofoam cups set up beside the coffee machine on the counter. Well, this was no good to me. I hate styrofoam. I hate disposable culture. Hate hate hate.

So anyways, we brought in a schwackload (yes, schwackload) of glass mugs for folks to use. For a while, we gave them a choice. We set out the glass mugs with a nice little, ‘Feel free to use!’ sign, alongside the styrofoam cups. Unfortunately, the styrofoam cups won that popularity contest. So I started putting out less and less styrofoam cups. Eventually they were weaned off of styrofoam.

Some are unhappy about this, but look at me NOT CARING. They would seriously go, get a two-sip drink of water and toss the cup. Not okay. No. Some people complain to me about this on a germaphobe level. “But Talea, I dont want to use glass mugs, what about the germs??”

First of all, your phobias and irrational fears are not my problem. Second of all, what the hell do you do when you go to a restaurant? Third, feel free to bring your own special mug. Fourth, bring your own fucking styrofoam you loser (I know you won’t, cuz you’re too damn cheap). Five, shut up and drink out of the mug and be glad I do the dishes for you at the end of the day.

The lack of styrofoam is starting to sink in with people. They’re starting to be okay with it. Which is good, cuz it ain’t coming back as long as I’m in town.

Next step? Block Google from the server. Insist on mass usage of Blackle. Yeah. That should go over well.


Comments on: "Saving the Earth, Talea-style." (4)

  1. Dude, I’m all about the Blackle over here. It’ll be trendy with the hip hoppers.

  2. Also, that’s totally going in our next newsletter. Oh god. I’m excited about the newsletter. I’m done for. Fat secretary ass, here I come.

  3. Dana Michelle said:

    Love it! Especially the blackle! One more way to be energy-efficient, and I am pretty sure it will include the added perk of confusing people at work.

  4. I dig Blackle, it’s snazzy and always matches my outfit. I also agree with the no styrofoam thing, it just don’t make sense to me at all. The last office I was in we had a mandatory ‘bring and wash your own damn cup’ rule, it worked out really nicely. They want coffee, they bring a cup. Kudos to you for being the styrofoam nazi, it’s a title to be proud of. 😛

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