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Damn you knitting!

As I mentioned earlier (in the post about my grandma wanting grandbabies…..haha, yeah, go bug someone else with a uterus), I have recently learned to knit.

At that point, I knew how to knit. Now I know how to purl. Apparently, this is all one needs to delve wholeheartedly into the knitting world, which, by the way, is incredibly hot right now.

I’m a bit scared. I can see the obsession coming down the line already. I’m going to be fucking bankrupt due to my unstoppable knitting habit, I just know it. I’m going to scrounge up loose change from the streets and steal money from the cups of bums on street corners to go and buy more yarn. More yarn! More needles! More cool do dads I don’t even know the names of yet!Gaaaaahhhhhh! Give me more, moooore!

I’m totally gonna go OCD on this. I’m going to have to apply for welfare, since I won’t be able to work. I’ll be at home all day. Knitting. Constantly.

I just thought I’d let you all know in case I suddenly drop off the earth. Then you’ll know I’ve made my full conversion to Crazy Knitting Talea.

Feel free to swing by and drop off some soup or something. I’ll probably give you some doilies in return.

I’ll be mumbling this to myself all day.


Comments on: "Damn you knitting!" (7)

  1. This is fun news. After I stay up way too late on my computer, not updating my ovaries like I am supposed to, I got to ‘bed’. Which, when in quotes, means I am knitting till 4am because I can’t stop. I also routinely ask for more pay pal money to buy yarn and doo dads like the thingy (swift) that winds balls of yarn from skeins for you! For you! So, welcome to the world of those gone mad from knitting, it’s ok, there’s wine. 😛

  2. Phew. As long as there’s wine, I think I can do this.

  3. Dana Michelle said:

    The next time I’m out your way I will make sure to drop off some soup or other such quick to prepare foods as to not interrupt your knitting. I completely understand the obsession; mine started when I was making a toque and learned to make the fuzzy ball thing on top. After going on a rampage of making at least two dozen fuzzy balls for the hell of it, I was hooked on knitting. I thought it would be nice to give the boyfriend a gift when I see him in a few weeks for our romantic Niagara falls getaway, so you know what I’m giving him? A scarf I knit for him! There’s no turning back now…

  4. Nobody can have too many scarves. It is simply impossible. I’m sure Michael will love it. Or pretend to love it. Which are equal in my low-standard books.
    And I can so see you sitting on your bed, surrounded by fuzzy ball things (which, for next time, so you don’t go on a fuzzy ball tyrade next time that could seriously lead to awkward conversations, are called pom-poms my dear) of all shapes and sizes. Just covered in them. Perhaps talking to them. Perhaps.
    And I had no idea you were a knitter! Awwww, you’d fit in good with my stitch and bitch group! If you ever move to Toronto, you’re officially invited.

  5. Knit me a scarf, bitch! I’m more about the boozing than anything else. Though the thought of a knitted pair of socks is kind of awesome.

  6. Dana Michelle said:

    Thanks! I spent a good 2 minutes trying to recall the word “pom-pom” and simply couldn’t so I gave up. Apparently pom-pom isn’t in the engineering vocabulary I have become limited to using due to far too much work.
    The stitch and bitch group sounds like a lot of fun! Especially with the volume of wine I can only assume is being consumed during such get togethers. I also crochet which would be a valuable skill to switch to in case too much wine was consumed; much easier to avoid dropping stitches!

  7. Dude! You know how to crochet? I want to learn how to crochet!! I went crazy one weekend and bought myself crochet hooks and three ‘how to crochet’ books, but alas, I have failed miserably. It’s a bitch, I can’t seem to do it.
    And yes, there’s a good amount of wine at these little soirees. Though there is a wide assortment of other fun things, such as Limoncello and Amaretto. Mmmmmmm, amaretto.
    And yes, it is good for engineers to interact with non-engineers, or else you become all anal and creepy and overly logical. I’m glad you have creative outlets Dana, or I’d fear for your mental health.

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