I’ll try being nicer if you try being smarter!

Inevitably, every day of my life, I am told to smile. To cheer up. I’m informed that ‘it can’t be that bad.’ I’m told in a sarcastic tone to not look so happy. To try not to be so enthusiastic. And it pisses me off. It’s just my face. Shut up. I don’t go around telling people that they should pluck their eyebrows or that they should really do something about that mole…..you know why? It’s just their face and it isn’t any of my business. You wouldn’t just walk up to somebody and tell them to stop looking so ugly, would you? I don’t get it.

So Friday was no exception. In fact, it happened twice. First at work. I immediately asked the perpetrator to stop for a second, which he did. I immediately called the awesome friend on speaker phone. I told her that someone had just told me not to look so happy, and then I asked her what was wrong with this statement. She replied with, ‘Well, Paul*(not his real name) knows he’s going to die now, right? I mean, everybody knows there’s two rules with you. One, don’t tell you to smile. Two, don’t touch the Talea.’  I thanked her and ended the call. Paul looked at me, aghast with the situation. He seemed very personally offended and very confused. It’s nothing personal and not confusing at all. It’s a simple request, really.

So whatever. I put it behind me cuz I put it behind me every day, but it’s not every day I get friends to do the dirty work for me, so that was cool.

Later that night, I was stumbling home after a night of knitting with the gals and too much red wine. I was travelling on my own at like, 2 in the morning, so I was trying my very bestest not to look drunk, which, as we all know ends up making one look even more inebriated than they are.

In my case, it only serves to make me look angrier than I already look. It’s really an unfortunate curse sometimes. Most of the time, it’s good cuz people leave me alone for fear I’m going to bite off their heads. But sometimes as we all know, people feel obliged to point out the expressions on my face.

A car of choches (see previous post for definition) drove by me, fresh from the club. I was literally across the street from my building and they yelled something like, “Hey girl! Put a smile on that face!” They drove off, but I’m sure much guffawing, chest smacking and high fiving ensued down the street. I rolled my eyes, crossed the street, came home and passed out.

But it got me thinking. What’s so bad about having a serious face? Let’s look at the alternatives. You know, those folks who are apparently living the way they should, smiling like baffoons at all times, at all costs. Cuz I guess that’s what I”m supposed to aspire to.

So, let’s go:

Life's funny when you're simple.

As long as you smile, you can do whatever you want and remain famous!

Yep. Smile smile smile! It's better than the alternative!

Well shit! Look where smiling could get me! I see the light! I'll smile forever now!

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Wow. Well, I’m convinced. I’m smiling it up from now on! Just keep up your end of the bargain and be a little less hideous, alright? Thanks!



Comments on: "Hey, stop looking so ugly! Hahaha….ugh." (6)

  1. Hahahaha…I love the throw-back to William Hung…and what was up with that nerdy bitch at the end? (LOL)…that was an awesome post; what you say is SO true, who the FUCK are THEY to tell you to smile? Why not tell a fat person “hey, do you mind taking up a little less space?”, ’cause I’m pretty sure their answer would be: “oh, I would, but I can’t, ’cause I’m fat”…seriously…fuckers…

    Shit, who DOESN’T love throwbacks to William Hung? Oddly enough, when I thought ‘smiling idiot’ he came to mind!
    And thanks for saying I’m awesome Romi! 😉 It makes everything worthwhile.

  2. Wait a minute.. why does the bad guy always get to be called Paul? And you have knitting and red wine evenings? I don’t know whether to be totally impressed or totally afraid..

    Paul, I didn’t even remember that there’s someone out there in blogworld named Paul…and I should have known that cuz we’re blogroll buddies!
    And you should be impressed. I mean, they’re mostly excuses to get together and drink and bitch. But we stitch too. It’s quite fantastic. Knitting’s all the rage up here in Canadia. You know, we need our toques for the cold eh?

  3. I get the other end of the story
    People always ask me “what is so funny” and “do you ever stop smiling?”
    I just want to tell them that they have something in their teeth or that their fly is down. But I never do…

    Tell them they have something in their teeth even if they don’t. I like inspiring paranoia in people whenever possible. I suggest you do the same. 🙂

  4. people need to mind their own fucking business, period. next time someone tells you to smile just say, “no thanks, i don’t want to look like YOU.” that should shut them up.

    Seriously though, i’m thinking about getting my braces slapped back on so i can look like the geek in the last pic. She’s fucking AWESOME!

    I KNOW! I love the nerdy brace geek! I mean, hey, that’s what I’m supposed to do right? Smile like a fucktard!! All day long! Then people will like me……..problem is, I’ll still hate them, PLUS my face’ll be sore. So I say fuck it. If you don’t like my seriousness, go away.

  5. Haha, Romi, I would totally be the one to tell a fat person to take up less fucking space. And Talea, I’m so glad I could be the awesome friend to inform “Paul” of his imminent death penalty.

    Yeah, he really didn’t take to the death threat with the jovialness that I expected of him. Huh. Some people, eh?

  6. I don’t get people who feel the need to say stuff like that to a perfect stranger. They should save that energy for people who are doing something stupid. Like standing in front of an open seat at 6pm on the 504 streetcar.

    And just because I said ‘perfect stranger’ –>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u2KDz0kjjVo

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