I’ll try being nicer if you try being smarter!

So I’m at home doing nothing but watching TV and knitting tonight. I can’t do anything else because some stupid asshole scammed my debit card and stole a few hundred bucks out of my account and now my account is frozen and my card is useless. Fantastic. Thanks you stupid fucks. I hope you really had a good night on my dime, driving around with the cash you took out of an ATM and the $9.69 you put into your car at a Sunoco gas station.

Fuck you, I hope you crash your shitty car that’s running on MY gas.

And of course, I had to find this out on a Sunday, when no banks are open. And it’s a Sunday of a long weekend, too. So I can’t get my own money until Tuesday. Until then, feel free to donate all the cash you can.


Comments on: "I’m no longer a fraud virgin." (6)

  1. I lost mine a few years ago…so jerk stole my check book and went to the supermarket.
    The crappy thing is when I stopped my check and changed my account with the bank the same supermarket would no longer accept checks from me!

    Dude, American banking is so weird. You people still use cheques…….like, is it 1970 down there? I don’t get it. But I’m sorry that some ass monkey stole your checking book. I hope you found them and beat them senseless with your new one. 🙂

  2. aw, that fucking SUCKS! just remember KARMA darlin, KARMA!

    Well, I already hoped his car crashes….

  3. How did they get your PIN? Are they brilliant password hackers, seriously.

    I think it was a camera somewhere. They’re ALWAYS watching me…..I knew it.

  4. supermarkets accept cheques in the first place? And I’m still curious as to how they actually managed to scam you. Was it one of those sketchy ATMs that make an instant copy of your card when you use it so the owners of the machine can use the card as if it was yours? Or something?

    I have no idea. One of those little teeny cameras at an ATM, or in a store. I’m not terribly worried about covering my pin. When I told the girl on the phone that, she almost murdered me through the receiver. I was frightened.
    I think it might have been one of those skimmer thingies. Who the hell knows. Jerkfaces.

  5. Jerkfaces indeed. I a couple of years ago, my bank took a huge chunk out of our account BY ACCIDENT and it still took them 3 weeks to give it back. Know what I got in return? Fuck all. Moving along, I had a crazy weekend and didn’t read this till now so I hope you have a card you can use again and all is well. My mother literally throws herself over the keypad when she uses interac. It’s actually pretty embarrassing to be with her when she does it.

  6. Oh yes . . I know the feeling.
    Had someone totally wipe out my bank account one time, plus several hundred. Fucker.
    Hope you get/got all your dough back.

    The dough has successfully returned to my account. Probably some stupid teenagers or morons intellectually equivalent to teenagers.

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