I’ll try being nicer if you try being smarter!

I gotta be honest….

It unnerves me quite a bit sometimes when I read the terms people use to get to my blog.

The most disturbing as of yet, and it happens quite recently (I’m scared to say how much exactly) is when people find me through searching: shitting on my face and/or shitting on her face.

Um, when the HELL did I talk about that? And what the hell are people doing googling that stuff?


Hey! Face Shitters! Yeah! There’s nothing here for you! Move along, get off my page.

Fucking freaks……

Disclaimer: If you or anyone you know is into that, I’m not judging you. I just don’t want to know you is all.

And yes, I’m aware that by mentioning this, it’s only going to increase ‘their’ presence by increasing hits. But I’m a blog stat whore. Sue me. But seriously, that’s just nasty. They need counselling.



Comments on: "I gotta be honest…." (9)

  1. aaaahahah ..! Shit lovers.

  2. Ha – that is funny. On one of my searches, it says “labia eczema.” How ridiculous is that?!! People search for some weird ass shit, that’s for sure.

    Um….that’s sort of akin to Romi’s green poo cough syrup, as in, I’m sort of unsure how to respond to that….

  3. Woah you are really digging deep this week huh.. lol..

    Quiet over there. I refuse to acknowledge this. It was a VERY deep blog that took me hours to write. Obviously.

  4. I know a lot of people have been baffled by the “google searches” (including myself), and you think I would have come to terms with it by now, but then I think back to Oct. 11, and the search I got for “green poo cough syrup”…I really, really REALLY don’t know what to say to that…

    Um, yeah….I don’t know what to say about that either….huh….*backing away slowly*

  5. I thought I posted this already…

    If you really want to know the answer, I can tell you. Years of dealing with search engine optimization have taught me well.

    I don’t know if I REALLY want to know. It’s like when you know too much about something, it just doesn’t have that magic. That certain je ne sais quoi, you know? Plus, I don’t speak computer-nerd. But I luv ya anyways, thanks May!

  6. I get people looking for leaf porn, vomit porn, and pumpkin boobs all the time… I finally had to send Google a firm but polite letter requesting that they keep the freaks away.

  7. i’ve been getting some bizarre search terms too, but like you, am a total stat whore so i’ll take what i can get. i have no shame.

  8. […] to My Site (Check For Updates Near Daily) Okay, this is starting to get retarded. I know my Sassy Friend did something similar to this, but seriously, some of these are retarded and are worth […]

  9. Seriously right? WTF? Shit is about the nastiest substance on the planet, right after three week old chum in the summer, and decomposing pig entrails, although that might actually be partly poo anyway. Who would ever ever enjoy getting shat upon, especially on and around the face area? People like some nasty shit, no pun intended.

    And how do you find out what searches people used to get to your blog? I had no idea you could even do that.

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