I’ll try being nicer if you try being smarter!

I’m a complainer. I know, shocking, yet true. I like to bitch. It’s easier than being all ‘perky and sales associate’ like. And honestly, most people piss me off and I have way more pet peeves than are mentally tolerable (thank goodness for meds).

Par example, right now, my house is stinky cuz my neighbour is cooking something curry-ish, my back hurts and my bra is really irritating me. I could be pissy. But I’m not. Because I was just suddenly hit with a lovely revelation.

I’m pretty darned lucky. No, really. Sure, my relationship with my mother is nonexistant and my job is super fucking aggravating, but I’m pretty okay with what I’ve done so far.

I work with my bestest bud. Which is fairly awesome (awwww, you lub me, don’t you Awesome Friend?) My boss is a pushover, which makes it easy to not work too hard.

I love my city. I love Toronto. I heart it. I heart my neighbourhood, which is hands down the best part of the city. Yesterday for example, I got a latte, got amused by the new signs the homeless had crafted overnight, went to the bestest yarn store EVER, saw some dude balancing rocks in gravity-defying ways, got a free sample of yummy iced tea and saw that guy who does impromptu hand puppet theatre. I shit you not. This dude just goes around the street and sets up this little booth that he crawls into, it’s covered in burlap, and he pokes his hands out, covered in puppets and puts on little shows! Come on! Where else can you get that? Nowhere! Only in Toronto! I love it.

I have the cutest puppy in the world. The boyfriend’s not bad either. And he’s crazy smart, so I can just coast through life on my good looks once he starts making money. Ha.

And I have the greatest group of gals that have recently entered my life. As we all know, I’m an introvert and for the longest time, I just didn’t care enough to get any friends. Most people suck ass anyhow, so why bother? But it just so happens that I’ve stumbled into the most marvellous group of ladies ever. Friday nights are the greatest, where we all converge at Crafty Friend’s house and get treated to fantastic food, yummy goodies and NO BOYS! Well, except for one, but he doesn’t interfere. Probably a wise move.

The boyfriend cooks for me, and listens to me rant and whine and complain and contemplate. When he doesn’t want to cook, there are like, kadrillions of restaurants to go to around here. It’s fantastical. Which is a blessing, cuz he’s out of town right now and I’m way too fucking lazy to cook. 

I now know how to knit, which is a really good time killer. And oh so practical! Not to mention, hawt. I mean, come on, knitting girls? Hotness. Right there. Maybe I should put a mouthguard in or something. I’d really have the men at my feet then.

I don’t have kids (which is enough to put me over the moon anyways……sorry Crafty Friend, I love your kids, but I just hate all the others and don’t want my own) and therefore have shitloads of freedom. I spend my weekends and nights doing what I want, and I’m well aware that I probably won’t always be able to do this, and I’m eating it up now. If I want to sleep til 2 in the afternoon, I can. And if I want to go out at 4 in the morning for some food, I can.  

I’ve gone through some rough shit in my life (not like, emo-kid ‘the sky is all gray and it makes me sad’ shit, REAL shit) and every day now I realize I’m not back there. And it’s allll good.

Plus, I gots my blog. And my millions of faithful followers.

I like me. And I like my life. Shit, if you were me, trust me, you’d be pleased with yourself too.

So this is it. The one schmoozy ‘nice side’ of Talea post you’re gonna get.

Do NOT panic folks. Cranky, yelling at stupid people, disgruntled Talea is very much still here. I just thought I’d switch it up a bit. You’ll appreciate my next annoyed post even more. Oh, you’ll like it, goddamit! You’ll read it and LIKE it! If this weren’t the internet, I’d shake my fist at you now. So, just imagine me doing that. Hopefully it’ll erase sappy Talea from your brain.

And kids, remember……people suck, work sucks and the world is designed for idiots. And hell, if I can find a silver lining, what the hell are you moping about? Now, I won’t tell you to smile (cuz I FUCKING HATE IT when people tell me that), but you know…..smile a bit inside for me, will ya?


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  1. Wow, sounds like life is going pretty good for you. And thats a good thing, making the best of what you have. I just wish I had sock puppet theatres in my city 😦 Gosh…I really really do…*sniff*
    And I can’t cook for shit. I bet my girlfriend would totally dig it. Cooking lessons here I come :O


    The boyfriend and I made a deal; he cooks and I clean it up. Which works fine, cuz if he’s hungry he’ll snap and make food. If I’m hungry, I’ll realize nothing is within arms length and then give up ’til I’m not hungry anymore.
    It’s not that he’s a great cook, it’s just that he’s less lazy, which is convenient.

  2. I hate wearing a bra.

    Tell me about it. The one I’m wearing is about two seconds from hitting the trash. It’s one of those awful ones that squeak when you move. Piece of shit bra.

  3. sexualtrex said:

    That’s a good way to look at things. No matter how bad you have it, someone always has it worse.

    And bras do suck. I’m not opposed to girls not wearing them at all if it makes them more comfortable.

    Not even that someone else has it worse, but that you yourself could have it worse is more important I think.

  4. Haha…I’ve never said this term before, and though it’s new and unfamilar, I’m gonna say it now: “I…heart you” 🙂

    Seriously, how cute are you? I am gonna SOAK up this “inside-smiling Talea” until your next post…*gushing*… 😉

    I got to be your ‘hearting’ devirginizer! I’m SO happy! I love that you love me Romi, cuz I love you too!
    I’m pretty cute. I gotta say.

  5. Awwww, I got mentioned in your post! I do lub you, my Sassy Friend. And I’m so glad I could ensnare you into my group of lovely Sassy Ladies, including Lovely Friend and Crafty Friend. On Friday night, after Cait and I were dropped off at Bloor, we just ended up walking home, walking down Palmerston and going on about how awesome life is right now, and how lucky we are to live in such a great city, and have such good friends, etc. etc. etc.

    Life is good, my Sassy Friend, life is good! 😀

    I love this city. I really really do. And it is good! Except when I’m at work, but hell, I don’t live to work….I work to live. Most of the time.

  6. Dana Michelle said:

    I’m seriously a bit scared…in all my years I have never seen this side of you. I was always certain it was there somewhere (this assumption was made because you managed to restrain yourself from killing Corky and other such lovely people) but I never quite got to see it. It’s great to hear that you have such a fabulous group of friends…clearly the people we used to know didn’t inspire your sunshine and rainbows thoughts quite as much. I’m okay with that though; it made the time pass with a lot more amusement. Either way, you are fabulous all of the time. Wish you worked in my office!! We could use someone like you here; no one here gets my sarcasm!! Actually, I think it’s more fun that way…hehe.

    Wacky Maritimers. Clearly they can’t appreciate our dry prairie humour. Too much salt in the air over there methinks.
    And I love that you’re scared. I laughed out loud at that. Haha, you MUST have seen this side of me….like….when I laughed at our fellow group members in dance class. Remember that time I did a pirouette on stage and kneed Marissa in the ass? I was grateful for that moment, I really was!
    And I was all happy and soft when we went to Timmies! I loooooved their cappuccinos til they started to suck ass about two years ago. Don’t think I didn’t notice the extra water? Oh, they are WRONG!

  7. Talea the next time you are on your work and your bra irritates you.. just get free and lose it. I am sure nobody on the street will mind.

    Now this was a real cuddly post wasn’t it? Cute and cuddly and all coughed up like a cats furball.

  8. Wait a minute.. how is it my fingers don’t always type what my brain is telling them too..? It’s like something somewhere between my brain and fingers is mis-firing or someone is slacking off.

    That’s not good.

    So what I meant to say in my first line was “.. the next time you are on your WAY TO work and….”

    Of course you could always get free at work as well…

    For once, you look like the dummy in my comments section and not the other way around. Niiiiice.

  9. Awww, I got a blog nickname!! 😀 I adore being the Crafty Friend, and since I just finished knitting an octopus, it’s very fitting!

    I am so happy that you are so down with our Stitch n Bitch nights. It really is such a wonderful group of friends. I met you through Awesome Friend, I met her through Cait. I was wee with Gillian, Magda and Lindsay and Linds’ friends are kick ass. Saturdays I walk around all aglow from the love that is Friday night at my house. 😀

    And I totally hear you on the weiner kids, you know I do. 😛 Most children are so irritating and I really had no idea until my awesome kids started bringing these weiners home. Now that we have the ‘no weiners in the house’ rule, it’s better.

    Life is good. 🙂

    I thought for a while about what to sire you, and Crafty Friend was perfect. I heart our stitch and bitch nights. They make me so happy. It was worth waiting for you guys! *sniff sniff* I think I need a kleenex. Or a smack to the head. Geez Talea, where the hell ARE you??

  10. This was a great post hunny!! I loved seening the ahem, softer side of Talea, even for only a glimpse. It’s great that you recognize the good in your life and appreciate it. Sometimes that isn’t the easiest to do but you did it beautifully today, in true Talea style!

    much love girlie!

    Thanks joebec! That was sweet, I got a little smile on my otherwise cranky-lookin’ mug.
    I most certainly do recognize the good in my life. It is an absolute MUST if you want to maintain any kind of quality in your days.

  11. Aww!

    Can’t go wrong with a kitten!

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