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My Day Off

I have no problem admitting to the internet world at large, that I have been watching the Gilmore Girls for nearly six hours.

I own three seasons on DVD. And nothing is on TV during the day, so I threw some of those babies in the DVD player and have been staring at the boyfriend’s oversized plasma TV for a good portion of the afternoon.

And I can’t take them out! Oh god help me, I can’t turn off the Gilmore Girls! If you’ve ever watched this show, it simulates being on speed, without you having to ingest (shoot? snort?) any speed at ALL. The dialogue is delivered at warp speed and the conversation topics switch so rapidly, I do believe if you aren’t warmed up, you could get mental whiplash watching it.

So I have sat here all day, watching the Gilmore Girls and knitting. It has been fairly perfect. I’m a loser, I’ve never denied it. I embrace it. I could be worse things, you know.

I discovered the show a few years back in the middle of the night. I dont’ remember why I was awake at like, 4 AM and it was the only non-infomercial on. It must have been the insomnia that got me hooked. But now I am. There’s no going back now.

Tomorrow is going to suck. It will be my return to work after my lovely three day weekend, plus I’ll be going through chocolate and Gilmore Girls withdrawal.

Oh, and since my life is obviously so sad (see above), I thought I’d update you all on the (sad) stash of Second Cup cards that I went recycling bin diving for. I pulled one out today and found out that they EXPIRE in five days. WTF? I was pissed. So I broke my Second Cup Saturday rule and went to get a drink there, in preparation for the hell of doing laundry. It only had $2 on it. Stupid piece of shit card. Pfffft. I mean, when coffee costs me 4 bucks, what the hell good is a $2 card?

It’s a tease! A caffeine tease!

Shoulda stayed at home. With my girls. Clearly.


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  1. Well that settles it. I MUST see the GG immediately. Don’t know how or why I ever missed it, but IT MUST BE REMEDIED IMMEDIATELY!

    Need to learn how to knit too. Cuz knitting and watching TV shows on DVD sounds cool. I just watched the whole ONE season of Dexter on DVD – which sucks becuase I’m too cheap to get the Pay Channels on Cable and the new season’s starting and I just got really into the show on DVD. Same thing with Big Love. Gotta love Bill Paxton as a polygamist. Maybe The Gilmore Girls is my ticket, since they’re already done with the show (I think…right?).

    So OK, Gilmore Girls and knitting. Yeah, that’s the ticket. And chocolate.

    I am on such a chocolate kick, it’s ridiculous. And yes, GG is over. It’s so sad, but all good things….blah blah blah. You know the saying.
    I’ve never heard of Dexter OR Big Love. But I guarantee the GG’s are better. Rent it up observant!

  2. What a perfect day! The Gilmore Girls and knitting! Nikki and I watch the Gilmore Girls and knit!

    Sucks so hard about the Second Cup cards though. Boourns!

    I knew Nikki did…..somehow you don’t seem GG-ish. But it’s one more reason to luv you.
    And I KNOW. I told the girl it was one from the mail, and she goes, ‘Oh, well, it’ll probably only be 2 bucks. I haven’t seen any worth more than that.’ Gee. Thanks a lot there, killjoy.

  3. Yeah, sounds really fun I guess. It’s probably heaven if you have a vagina. I guess knitting and GG is like the male equivalent to grilling while watching the UFC. Or whatever. And when you said the coffee coupons expire, I just thought of those scenes in Family Guy where Peter gets into a rediculously long fight with a human sized chicken because the coupons were bad.
    Second Cup employee: Dear lord woman, please stop beating me with my own severed limb!
    You: Maybe it isn’t just my face after all! We’ll see who expires first Bleedy McBlooderson!

    Mahaha, Bleedy McBlooderson!
    I hate those stupid chicken fight scenes. They go on way too damned long.
    And I think that’s a good comparison, cuz I HATE that stupid UFC crap. I’d rather stab my eye out than watch it.

  4. Second cup saturday rule??? Hahaha… you are seriously one strange little cookie but thats what makes me come back for more.

    Paul, if you’d have paid more attention to my previous fantastic ramblings, you’d know that due to a monumentous calorie count in my Second Cup white mocha’s, I restrict myself to indulging only on Saturdays.
    I’m strange, but you like it. Everyone does.

  5. Loser. And I’m allowed to say that, because I am your Awesome Friend. Just like you tell me when I’m taking my “reciting transvestite comedy lines” a bit too far.

    1) Shut up please. 2) Anytime you recite your transvestite comedy lines, it’s too far. 3) Haha.

  6. Never seen it. Nope, never have. I suck.

    Does Missouri mean, ‘Under a rock’ in some other language?

  7. Was it a holiday in Canada or something?? We Americans had to work, but if I could have been at home, I soooo would have been watching “Weeds.” I finally rented the series; everyone talks about how great it is.

    No, it was a Talea holiday. The quarterly “I need today off so I don’t shoot off my bosses horrible, mulleted head in a fit of rage since she can’t do her job properly and cackles and says disgusting things” day. You know how it is.

  8. I fucking hate gilmore girls and that fast dialogue. What the fuck.. they talk about the most random shit and it has nothing to do with the plot of the episode. I don’t even understand why they talk about the things they do.

    and then theres that guy with the plaid shirt and backwards baseball cap. he needs to shave and stfu. I hate this show. I HATE THIS SHOW. I HATE THIS SHOWWWWW!!!!!

    So….you DON’T like it? I couldn’t really tell.
    And my friend, that is the last time you shall bad mouth Luke, do you understand me? No more badmouthing Luke! I happen to love him! His scruff is fine! FINE DAMMIT!

  9. i hate the show, but i love you talea

  10. It might in Missouri . . I wouldn’t know, I dont live there :]

    Dammit. I thought it was you that lives in Missouri. Well, wherever it is you live. You guys have so many damned states anyways…..amalgamate already!

  11. LOL! my girl Red lives in Kentucky!

    one of my “reallife” friends swears by the Gilmore Girls but i haven’t seen it..(sorry, i’m racking up the points huh?)

    and Paul- are you using generic cookie-cutter comments on us?? you called me a strange cookie the other day. . too many vodka and cranberries have you struggling for words eh?? 😉

  12. UFC is awesome because violence is awesome. Also violence makes people horny. At least me. And actually most everything has that effect. Whatever, sex and violence are awesome. Also, the UFC and MMA in general are awesome because they never involve emotions. Except anger, which is a manly emotion.

    Your boss has a mullet? No fucking way. I didn’t realize they had spread so far north. Awesome. Mullets kick ass, you should get your boss a gift of some sort for having the lady balls to sport such an archaic and kick ass hair style. Not that I’m taking your bosses side in life. If you two were sword fighting and I was around, I would totally toss you a gun or trip her or something. Cause I gots your back yo.

    Amalgamate? Are you fucking kidding? No GD way! We are separated for a reason, and that reason is so we can develop regional idiosyncrasies and inter state rivalries. Like for instance New Jersey vs. every other state. Or California vs. Vermont in a gay off. And Kentucky is awesome, right Red? They’ve got the best whiskey in the world. We will always remain the United States, not the State of America. Hell to the no. In fact, maybe you guys should split up your territories into smaller states, they’re way too big. Hell, we even have county on county rivalries. It’s kick ass, you should join the party. (amalgamate, what a load!)

    And I’m with thatpessimist on the annoying dialogue. Besides being entirely about relationships and shit, the dialogue is very Dawson’s Creeky. Nobody ever talks like that in real life. Ever. It’s weird. Stop it GG. You pretentious blather is pissing off men everywhere! Cease!

  13. Seriously, $2 on a coffee card? Maybe that’ll get you some foam..what a tease indeed…it’s funny T (I don’t know why I just said that, I call Barclay “B” and now I just callled you “T”, I hope it doesn’t make you feel too much like “Mr. T”)…anyhoo T, it’s funny, ’cause as cool and laid back and friendly I am as a person (seriously), I will SO get into hyper-active/violent state if something goes wrong with my morning latte…like if it has too much foam? “bitch-slap”…if it’s missing the flavour-shot? “double-bitch-slap”…if someone on the street bumps into me and knocks it over? “drop-kick to the teeth, a punch to the heart, and a wallet-robbery”…bitches…

    Eventually everybody decides my name is too much work and I’m inevitably referred to as ‘T’.
    And I H.A.T.E. it when they forget my flavour shot. Like, WTF? I did not ask for a latte. I asked for a VANILLA latte, you caffeine monkey!

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