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Lest We Forget

So, like any good respectable Canadian, I observed Rememberance Day yesterday.

I went to Old City Hall and watched the processions and such and went on my merry way. I figure that the least I can do for the tens of thousands of people who risked their lives, or lost their lives, trying to fight for me and my comfy lifestyle is to stand in the cold for an hour or so and pay my respects.

I truly believe that this is a worthy tradition and it should be honoured and passed down. The most meaningful part to me is the moment of silence. I loved that yesterday, the intersection of Queen & Bay was shut down to traffic, overrun by people and was completely silent for two minutes, everyone there for a common cause.

Everyone except the four bitches in front of me. Dear ho’s: The next time you come out to these events, do a little research. A moment of silence is intended to be SILENT, so that you can reflect upon the ceremony and pay tribute. A moment of silence is NOT intended as a great time for you to giggle, gossip, roll your eyes and act like 4 year olds while you are in fact, 40 year olds. Yes, it is very easy to hear one another without the din of everybody else in the background, I understand this. You stupid cows have no idea how close you were to getting kicked in the back of the knee.

Honestly. If you cannot shut your useless, fat traps for two minutes when you voluntarily attend a ceremony, that’s fine. But you most definitely deserve to be beaten. Probably caned. I think that for every meaningless word that falls out of your ugly mouth during these two minutes, you get one smack to the back, courtesy of a veteran’s cane. These men and women stood there in battle away from their families, away from their country, terrified, alone, uncomfortable and lacking basic human needs like shelter and food, being shot at, fighting for faceless countrymen back home.

SHUT. UP. You disrespectful fools.

I’m sorry. I had to get that out there. It seriously irritates me. Trust me ladies, your life is not so important that you simply cannot relay some type of information to each other between 11 and 11:02.

That is all. Lest We Forget.

P.S…….I totally made it onto the front page of the free daily newspaper in Toronto. Sure, I’m like, a millimetre big and pretty grainy, but I’m there in the crowd! Woop! 15 minutes of fame? Check!


Comments on: "Lest We Forget" (12)

  1. It’s so great you wrote about this! My Grandpa and my GRANDMA were in WWII, it’s how they met actually, and it’s a HUGE deal to me, to stop and just think about how totally insane and dangerous it was for them to be there. I’m lucky, they came back to Canada and had a family, or I’d never exist! They both lost a lot of friends during the war and every year from my birth until 2005 when he died, my Grandpa and I would watch one of his favourite war movies together and he’d tell me stories of what it was like. Sigh, I miss him. Thank you for this post. 🙂

    You’re welcome. I didn’t have any close family members in it, but the boyfriends family was in the second world war, and I think it’s extremely important to remember that it could all happen again in a heartbeat, so you’d better be grateful.

  2. greenmetropolis said:

    I heart this. Had I been there, I definitely would have said “It’s a moment of silent, not your yakking, jackasses!” What horrible people.

    See, that’s why I wanted to kick them in the back of the knees. Silently.

  3. oh, you TOTALLY should have done “dead knee” on all of them. those bitches!! i hate when people do that kind of shit. if you’re gonna be disrespectful, fucking stay home!

    that is all.

    Exactly. If you want to be a dick, be a dick at home.

  4. I hate those 40 year old ho’s.

    Yeah. It’s a sad hate though, cuz, you know….they’re 40 year old ho’s. Sad and angering, sad and angering.

  5. Yeah, I completely forgot it was veterans day. My family never really did much to commemorate the occasion, but we were always taught a strict respect for those who served our country. Not quite the same, but I get pissed when people talk during the national anthem. Not cool, show some fucking respect. You should have opened a can of whoop ass on those skank ho’s.

    Well, at least in your forgetfulness, you didn’t go to a ceremony and act like a moron. I can see why you’d get pissed about the national anthem talking too…..same idea.

  6. I never understood why people threw a hissy fit when someone talked during the national anthem, and then promptly screamed “OOOO”, or something like that later on. Is it only okay to disrupt a song when it’s done as a group?

    I just think it’s a respect thing, and that as a civilized member of society, you should be able to be quiet while at least allowing others to show that they care. Not saying you don’t care, just maybe pointing out the other side’s viewpoint.

  7. Can i take you along w/me when I go to the movies and the 40y/o hos want to talk through the entire film? My evil eye apparently isn’t evil enough!

    Haha, in movies when people do that, I make loud obnoxious comments about how rude people are, then I accidentally kick the back of their seat and blame my height. Which works, cuz I am pretty tall. Haha. Ho’s.

  8. Haha congrats on your 15 minutes of fame 🙂


    Mahaha. Yeah, they took a pic of the crowd. And I was in there dammit! All 1.3 millimetres of me!

  9. You rock…this is a big, huge deal with me and I totally respect you for your attendance and respect!

    Merci! It was cold and uncomfy, but I figured I could certainly give up a bit of my day for those men and women.

  10. argh! how did you not say something to them afterwards… ?

    I’m not sure. I must have been thinking zen-like thoughts. That and didn’t figure an outbreak of violence was called for in that venue….

  11. i haven’t seen you… i miss you!! *cries*

    Ugh, dude, TELL me about it! I have been SO cranky lately and all consumed with my anger towards my overly-mulleted, under-classed and overly-stupid boss, I haven’t had time to think of anything to say. I’m glad you miss me! It makes me feel loved!
    I’m still here!!!!

  12. I agree with everything you wrote here; how fucking hard is it to shut your old-lady-whore-trap for two minutes? Seriously…

    People suck.

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