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More Talea for everybody!

There’s a meme going around where you write down seven facts about you that your blog readers wouldn’t necessarily know. And since I’m totally up shit creek for thinking of stuff to write about, I’m going to take the easy way out and partake…..

1) I’m deathly afraid of flying. Which gets a bit tricky when you live 3,000 km’s away from your family. I’m TERrified of flying. I never used to be, I used to love it. However, every time I fly it gets worse and worse, which isn’t normally the way it goes, but whatever. Ironically, I went on a hot air balloon ride a few years back and had an absolutely amazing time.

2) I was in ballet for 13 years. And I was good dammit! As a spinoff from this one, I cannot stand poor posture. Push your shoulders back! Sit up straight! Suck in your stomach! Most of my memories from dance include my teacher screaming, ‘Girls!’ over loud music.

3) I used to play the trumpet. I was good at that too. I used to take it and hide in my house when we had babysitters, then blast it in their face when they’d come looking for me. It was fantastically amusing.

4) I’m a perfectionist and there’s nothing more in life that I hate than looking stupid. Therefore, if I try something and suck at it, that’s it. I will not try again. Because I truly believe that I should be perfect at it from the first time I try, and I won’t continue with something if I think it’ll make me look dumb. The only exception to this has been knitting. I sucked at it at first, and that seriously pissed me off. But I really wanted to know how and I’m now knitting my little heart away.

5) I have a tattoo on my back that says, ‘When you saw only one set of footprints, it was then that I carried you’ It’s to represent the time of my life three years ago where I was so sick I nearly killed myself. Problem was, I was so sick I couldn’t get off the couch long enough to get some sort of deadly implement or ingestible substance. The only explanation I have for getting through that time is the help of a being much larger and stronger than me. I love the tattoo more than I had imagined I would. It means more to me than I can explain to anyone.

6) I was a hand model in grade 10 or 11…….I dont remember. Apparently, I have nice hands. Who knew?

7) I have never been on a date. Ever. And no, I’m not a troll (one day, I’ll put a pic of myself up here, I swear). I’ve been with the boyfriend for seven years, but we never went on a single ‘date’. I find the whole phenomenon very odd and I’m glad I don’t have to do it. People ALWAYS ask when we’re getting married. We aren’t planning on it. Yes, even after 7 years. I just don’t believe in it.


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  1. I feel like I know you so much better now; why do you keep making me “heart” you so much lately? 😉

    PS: because of my bad posture, I have come across a lot of neck/back/shoulder pains lately (including right now)…I’m hoping this will be a “lesson learned” scenario….

    PPS: I love how you were a hand model 🙂 Be be careful though, about people googling “nice hands” and winding up on your blog; I say that because one of my first posts was called “I Guess I Have Big Hands” (which was written in jest…in JULY), and I continue to get weird-ass comments on that post from hand-fetish freaks (up to and including today)…I don’t delete them because it’s funny more than anything else 😉 That said, I hope you start to take the brunt of the traffic now 😉

    So far, I haven’t wrangled any hand lovers over here, but sexy hand fingers crossed!
    And I’m very heartable once you get past my angry exterior. Your feelings of adoration are completely warranted! Heart away!

  2. First of all, LOVE the title of the post. I’m not a fan of flying, nor is Chris, so I haven’t flown since I was a teenager.

    Oo0o you should be the posture nazi, I know I need help with that!

    In grade 10 I wanted to be a part of the insanity in my high school’s music department so badly that I lied and said I could play the trumpet. It only took one class for that to blow up in my face. The English lit department was where I ended up, natch. I think Mrs Sullivan would die if she knew I used words like ‘natch’.

    I loved reading all of this and can’t wait to chat about some of it when I see you next. Chris and I have never been on a date either, though each of us had been on teenage dates a million years ago.

    Dude, if you’re gonna lie about an instrument, you shoulda gone with the triangle or something! The trumpet’s a bit hard to pull off….as you quickly learnt. Hehe.
    I love the word natch. I’m going to put it in my vocab, natch!

  3. greenmetropolis said:

    Haha, I heart all of this blog. Mine was all about being a complete weirdo druggie. My tattoo, ‘Pi: Beware of the Devil’s Magic’ is also in reference to a higher power: the power of mathematical consequences far beyond human comprehension. Seriously, I will fully admit that calculus is beyond me, but it does some fucking incredible shit. Math is delicious.

    I hate math. And mine couldn’t be about drugs, because I am a clean and boring kind of gal. I love how you totally used this comment to advertise yourself. Awesome.

  4. Dang it…I want a tattoo. I must decide what to get ASAP!
    Great list.

    It’ll come to you one day, what you want for a tattoo. It’ll slam into your brain out of nowhere, just wait!

  5. Yes, great post! Your whole blog has such attitude. love it!

    Thank you! That comment got you blogrolled, btw!

  6. oh, I meant to ask… What’s your definition of a ‘date’? Anytime I go out with my hub, it’s a date… Maybe I use the term too freely.

    My def (Talea, you should have set out an operational definition!) is that kind of job interview situation. Where two people who just meet or sort of know each other go and sit at a table and make stilted, awkward conversation….and have to pay for it!

  7. 1) I’m deathly afraid of being pushed in a wood chipper by a clown. Flying is fun though, I love it. I just hate airport security. apparently i look dangerous or something.

    2) Ballerinas are wicked hot. I think it’s the thighs. but posture Nazis aren’t hot. I think it’s that I enjoy being comfortable and hate being told what to do.

    5) I’m familiar with that one set of footprints story. I always liked it. Very cool.

    7) WTF? Seriously? And you are sure you’re not just a troll with great hands? Because that’s weird, or at least very uncommon. Actually the last girl I took out on a date had never had anyone ask her out before. But that’s because she only dated her friends, and I guess they would hook up before they started dating or whatever. And she was so wickedly hot that most guys were intimidated. But not me, cause I’ve got huge balls.

    How did you even come up with that fear? You’re a weirdo, dude.
    I actually don’t yell at people about their posture. I just get angry quietly in the background. Slouchers are nasty.
    And yes, I’m serious. No, I’m really not a troll! A few people on here know what I look like, I don’t think troll has ever crossed anyone’s mind. I’ve been with the boyfriend forever, thereby negating any need for dates.

  8. Whats being a hand model like? Like, do people actually hit on you for your hands? Ehh, that must be really uncomfortable. But whatever it took, good job I guess, haha. I wish I was a hand model. But I’d probably be a hand model for Mexican Weekly or sometin. Maybe Gardener’s Gazette…T_T


    Haha, no. It was a one time thing. It was weird though, I had like, fancy professional shots taken and fake nails put on and shit. My mom’s friend was a salon owner and went nuts when she saw my hands. I guess Mexicans need hand models too, but Gardener’s hands? Yeesh.

  9. I hate flying too. But I love tattoos. And hands. And trolls.

    Hands are pretty useful. They allow me to grip the armrests tightly when flying to my imminent death.

  10. I totally fucking heart you more than ever!

    the tatoo story is a great one. i’m so glad you overcame sweetie. life is definitely better with you in it!

    I have been flying since I was 9, but I’m really not too keen on it very much anymore either. Fucking terrorists ruined it for everybody.

    Thank you. It was horrible, but now I know that I want to dedicate my life to helping people who have what I do, to overcome it and manage it.
    I hate flying. SO much. Ugh.

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