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I’ll be home for Christmas?

Alright faithful followers….I have provided you with hours of head scratching, though provoking, thrilling and hilarious reading with which to kill the time at your respective workplaces (I know you look at work, since my stats drop significantly on the weekends, don’t lie to me). Now, it’s time that you give something to ME.

I need your opinions. I’m currently in a bit of a festive dilemma here, and need to make a decision by Dec 1. So get reading and advising! Dispense your wisdom upon me please! The dilemma is as follows; I’ll do it in point form, for ease of reading and such.

  • I am currently booked to go home for Christmas for nearly 2 weeks. It is expensive to go home and going for less time than this is completely uneconomical.
  • I didn’t go home for Christmas last year, for the first time ever. I’m the oldest grandchild on both sides, and this was an unprecedented and somewhat frowned upon move.
  • My mom is kind of a psycho hose beast. She is largely the reason I hesitate to go home this year and the reason I didn’t go last, though I blamed money.
  • I don’t see my family very often at all. I live very far away. I haven’t been home in over a year, and haven’t seen my extended family in over two years. This really breaks my heart, since I LOVE my extended family. It’s the immediate one that I gots the probs with.
  • I want to go home. I love Christmas time at home. Until Christmas DAY that is. Christmas day is always a fucking nuclear meltdown disaster, complete with screaming, yelling, slamming of doors, driving away to mysterious destinations, mutterings under ones breath, etc etc. I want to see my grandma, my aunt, my other grandparents, my cousins (the ones whose names I remember) and the prairies. I CRAVE the prairies.
  • If I DO go home, I have to stay with psycho hose beast mom. My family is the only one that lives in a city different than the rest of the extended family, so there’s no way to stay at Grandma’s and pretend like I’m not totally cutting mom out of my life. By staying with psycho hose beast of a mother, I will shorten my life significantly through stress. I will spend two weeks fuming in anger, screaming at the top of my lungs, listening to her cry about what a bitch I am to her, blah blah blah blahhhhhhhh. It will generally suck big ass. And I will only get to spend one day with the extended family ANYHOW. With my crazy, super angry mother in tow, ruining the fun for everybody. How festive!

Alright. So. Do I go? And subject myself to a totally shit two weeks, where I will further solidify my disdain for the woman who birthed me? But get the opportunity to see the extended family for a few mere hours and get to solidify my total love for them?

Or do I not go? And save myself the horror that is my Christmas and my mother, but disappoint my entire family. They ALL know that my reason for not coming last year was aforementioned psycho hose beast and not money. They won’t hold me accountable for skipping out again.

I kind of want to start my own holiday traditions and decorate my own place. So if I stay here, I’d be loving that. Plus, I can always fly home in like, February when the airlines don’t rape you with jacked up prices and spend more time with the extended family.

WHAT DO I DO? Seriously, all suggestions are fair game. Please. I’m freaking out here.


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  1. If you wanna stay home and do your “own thing” for Christmas, do it. You’re a big girl now with big girl pants and you shouldn’t have to do what they want you to do. If you wanna start your own tradition, do it. And like you said, you can always go some other time when the prices are down and the traffic is down and there isn’t as many overly-anxious fucktards at the airports and shit like that. Too much of a headache if ya ask me. Stay home. Do you thing at home, and just be sure to CALL your Granny on Christmas.

    I know, I have my big girl pants on all the time, I moved away when I was 17….but she’s my grandma, you know?? I called last year…..thanks for the input!! I do appreciate it! I’m just indecisive on the best of days, and this one really has me in knots.

  2. greenmetropolis said:

    I’m for the starting your own Christmas traditions. You shouldn’t have to put yourself through psycho hose beast hell for two weeks just to see the family you love for one day. Go in February when it’s cheaper, skip your mom, see the family you love. They already know what a psycho she is, what difference will that make? Save yourself the money and headache. And make yourself happy by starting your own life with your boyfriend and puppy, and your friends.

    *warm fuzzy brocolli soup feelings*

    I like broccoli soup. And I know I should stay, but I also know I should go. Perhaps I should clone myself. Look into that for me, will ya?

  3. I also vote you should stay here and make your own Christmas traditions. I will go on about it with you when I see you, but after living away from my fam (that I honestly like) for 4 years and now living away from Chris’ fam, it’s important to have your own thing in your own home.

    Also, Cait says you’re welcome to join her for Christmas, as she is not doing the family thing thanks to this crazy bitch her cousin married. Not her words, mine. You know, people sometimes suck.

    Another also, if you call your fam and spread your love through the phone lines and then go see them in the springish, it’ll be cheaper and hopefully you can bypass the crazy lady all together! 😀

    Plus you’ll have more knitting time and you KNOW Auntie Talea is always welcome to get festive with our wee family (which of course includes the aunties).

  4. This is going to be my first Xmas that I don’t spend travelling backhome – and that’s only a 2 hour bus trip.

    I’d suggest you spend a week with your mum and a week with your grandmother. Transport might be a bit of an issue, but try get someone to give you a lift or something after the Xmas celebraions with family.

    It is an idea I’m trying to consider, but it leaves my dad in the lurch. Psycho hose beast has him being held hostage, cuz I don’t mind him, but he lives with her….obviously. Blarg!
    I WISH it was only a 2 hour bus trip! If I took the bus, it’d probably be around 37 or 38 hours. Stupid huge country….

  5. As far as I know Em will be coming over for dinner on Christmas. I have opted out of dealing with my family this year to hold a orphaned friend Christmas. We’ve done this kind of event before for people without family in the city. It’s always a good time and there’s plenty to drink.

    Can you call my mommy and tell her I’m not coming home? You know, if I ever make a decision….cuz I don’t want to do it. Then I’ll come over and drink!

  6. Well let me just say that my last, some what pissy comment was fueled by spending too much time with family over the holidays. I feel your torment. But I think getting along with the annoying family members is always worth the trouble to see the cool family members for a short while. I just spent two days in hell to get an hour or two of alone time with my woman. And despite the drama, I wouldn’t have traded a moment of it for peace and relaxation, because she’s what I value.

    At the same time, I understand the money thing. And if you can’t do it, then your bitchy mom will just have to deal with it. You are a full grown lady now, starting your own Christmas decisions, and she will have to let go sooner or later, whether she wants to or not. I have decorated four or five Christmas seasons without so much as a hello to my family, and they are in the same town as me. Families have to start some time. My parents had to fight both of their parents to begin new traditions, and those new traditions are what I remember about Christmas. Don’t feel shy to buck the tradition and start something new in a new part of Canada. Your children will remember it as a tradition that’s always been, and I would bet they will remember it fondly.

    First off, no kids for me. But not your fault, you probably didn’t know about my unease towards kids (actually, has a lot to do with my lovely mom……I don’t want to become that). But I do want my own traditions, I’ve lived away from home for 7 and a half years and it’s getting a tad ridiculous. I actually feel a bit better hearing your parents had to fight to start their own. My mom seems to be under the illusion that planes only fly TO Saskatchewan, and that she is unable to become airborne. This frustrates and stresses me to no end. Thanks for the input though!

  7. First – I haven’t heard “Psycho hose beast” in so long and that is hi-larious. Sorry it applies to your mother.

    Second, I think you should go home. You didn’t go last year, and this year you’re wiser and hotter, right? So, go home. Maybe you can just go home for a shorter time, but at the very least, you’ll get a few good blogs out of it. I’d like to read about how your christmas went for sure.

  8. I understand where you come from and your dread of coming home to your family but its not like your mom doesn’t already know the true reason why you don’t come home so why do you have to pretend? Why don’t you fly into Regina and then stay at Grandma’s. That way you can spend the time with the extended family you love and only a few mere hours with the immediate family you would rather not visit. All I know is that Christmas wasn’t the same without you last year even with your phone call and I was really excited when I heard you would be home for Christmas this year. Of course like you said we your family will understand if you don’t come home but you should come and visit the people you want to see and return to the prairies you left so long ago…your buying the ticket so you get to decide where it takes you! No one says it has to go take you to saskatoon the city your mom has made you hate, it can take you to Regina and Moose Jaw.
    Love and miss you!

    Awwww, Courty!! You read my blog?? I didn’t know that! You’ve been stalking me idly all this time, have you? Hrmmmmm….see, you’re pulling at my heartstrings here. I want to come home, you know I do! And I SO missed you guys last year when I was on the phone, I was like, bawling about it but trying not to!
    Yeah, my mom is a crazy nutbar….you know that! And I would obviously fly into Regina and stay at Grandma’s, but then my dad’ll be super depressed. She holds him hostage, essentially, and then when she comes to Auntie Jan’s on Christmas, she’ll be like, angrier than all holy hell. Which will ruin Christmas for everyone, but also provide a good laugh when she fumes the fuck out of here.
    Arg! Court! My family wasn’t supposed to comment! You’re making this harder!!! Haha. Luv ya. Thanks for the input.

  9. So you’ve definitely made a lot of good points NOT to visit, and even though life’s not a movie where there’s some big Christmas miracle at the end and everyone forgets their differences, there surely must be some good that can come from making a visit???…if you’r able to control how much time you spend at grandma’s and how much time you spend with “pyscho hose beast”, then it would surely be worth it, no? I just think it would be nice since you didn’t visit last year, and then maybe NEXT year you can establish your own traditions and stay in Toronto…but hey what do I know??.. good luck with your decision! 🙂

  10. I have that song in my head “should i stay or should i go?” i thought you would like to know!

    from the looks of the comments its pretty divided…

    anyway you want my adivce… well m’dear.. if the pyscho hose beast isnt going to relent and calm the fuck down over whatever went on i suggest going after christmas have some traditions of your own then go visit after christmas when its not so stressy and the airlines dont want to rape your wallet so much.

    Part of me thnks you should go back but thats mostly my own personal shit telling you to go so ignore that and do your own thing 🙂

    good luck what ever you decide!

  11. I’d say visit. You only get one family, good or not. Spend time with the ones you get along with, try to get along with the ones you don’t, and ignore them if they won’t let you visit in peace.

  12. I have no idea who Courtney is or where she fits in your family, but I think as much as I want you to bypass the stress and selfishly have you around here for Christmasy time, that comment totally killed me. She is so sweet and makes me picture you at your Grandma’s baking bread or something. 🙂

  13. Wait a minute… you live a long way from home? Like where – a penal colony in Madagascar?

    Anyhoo can’t you put your Mom on eBay and buy a new one?

  14. holy shit! i’m so late on this.

    *puts on dunce cap and sits in corner*

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