I’ll try being nicer if you try being smarter!

Too lazy to write. If I did start writing, it would likely dissolve into me absolutely losing my shit over the fact that I am home in FOUR DAYS. Four days?! Just writing that gave me a bit of a heart attack folks, honestly.

Come to think of it, I totally should write about it and you can laugh at me and my freak outs and the secret phone calls that have been made between Toronto and Saskatchewan, totally bypassing my mother. But that’s for another day! On to the stolen memes! I got this one from cowgal and Greenie. For each question, you type your answer into google images and post the first one that comes up. Oh fun!

1. The number of my next bday:







2. Place I’d like to visit:

The redwood forests in California. I LOVE trees. I think it has a bit to do with growing up prairie and not seeing any for 17 years. Seriously though, I would LOVE to see these trees. Amazing. They’re probably the only reason I’d ever step foot in California.

3. Favourite place:

This is what I got when I typed in Saskatchewan prairie. Just looking at it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. Roads exactly like this are all over where I grew up. I love driving down one, pulling over and just wandering into a wheat field (or canola field, which that one happens to be…..you can tell from the yellow flower….tee hee!) and standing there. Listening to nothing. There you can understand the term ‘silence is deafening’, because it actually is when it’s total and complete silence. I also love areas that are slightly flatter than this where you can see forever and you really get the perspective of life, you realize you’re so small and that there’s so many other bigger things than you…..all in all, it’s pretty damned awesome. Except for all the inevitable grasshoppers and gophers…..

4. Favourite object:

I typed in library card. This is the first one that came up. I love my library card. I can go to one of the 99 branches in Toronto and learn about anything. I’m a nerd. Love to learn. Love to read. I love fiction. I always have my nose in a book. Always.

5. Favourite food:


Um, is wine a food? Good. I typed in chilean Cabernet Sauvignon and I got this weird ass picture. Fine, if you insist on a more traditional definition of food, then here:

Garlic cheese bread. Mmmmmmmm.

6. Favourite colour:

Typed in ‘no favorite colour’. My fav colour changes every hour. I dont know. I don’t have one.

7. Nickname:

Um, yeahhhh….My nickname isn’t ‘Muscley Army Dude’. My nickname is (begrudgingly) ‘T’. Everybody eventually just ends up calling me T. Talea just has too many syllables I suppose. But yeah, I typed in ‘T’ and this was the first thing that came up. I dont know.

8. Place I was born:

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Also known as the ‘City of Bridges’. The South Saskatchewan river cuts through the city and so we have seven bridges there to get from one side to the other.

There ya go, that’s my meme. I’m off now to a Christmas shindig.


Comments on: "I like pictures…..aka, I’m too lazy to write" (10)

  1. Mmmmm, cheesy garlic bread. I just made some the other day! I love that shit.

    So, I know you get a little sensitive about the name. But I really like it. But then, I’m not sure I’m pronouncing it right. I could be loving some other chicks name, or one I just made up. So help me out here. I pronounce it tah-lee-uh. Is that right, close, way off?

    And holy shit, saskatoon is gorgeous.

    Thank you! I love Saskatoon. I also love cheesy garlic bread. Mmmmmmm.
    I hope you’re pronouncing it right……it looks like you are. It rhymes with Korea and idea. So say it and you should get it right. Korea, Idea, Talea.

  2. Wine it totally the silent member of the 4 food groups. They don’t want to tell us that because we’re always trying to protect the goddam kids, but it’s definitely a food group.

    And you MUST be right, cuz you’re a teacher. Teachers don’t lie. And they know ‘things’.

  3. I love that you love trees and books; you seem like a really cool human 🙂 , and though I said it before (but Christmas rush got the better of me), me you and greenie are gonna hook up for after-work drinks in the New Year!! It’ll be perfect in January when nothing is going on…seriously it’s on 🙂

  4. sexualtrex said:

    That picture of Saskatoon is awesome. It reminds me of my hometown, Pittsburgh. This seems like a meme worth doing. I might have do steal this from you in a few days.

  5. Hell yeah, I’m totally saying it right. Go me! And you for having a cool name that I can pronounce correctly first try!

    I’ve never been to the place where I was born since I was a baby, but it was pretty cool. They have swamps and orange groves and forests and lakes and shit. Plus, it’s right by where they launch the space shuttles in Florida, so my parents used to go watch whenever they shot them off. That’s pretty sweet. But it definitely isn’t a photogenic as Saskatoon.

  6. Ah man, your favorite place is beeeeautiful!
    have to steal this one.

  7. Oh I wish I could have some of that cheese garlic bread. yummy!

  8. you are a bitch

  9. you are without a doubt the blandest peron on earth!

  10. I just stumbled across your blog when I was searching for an image of a library card. Well done. Anyway, I think I may blogroll you because you seem like you are almost as funny as I am! I’ll be back here again sometime soon….

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