I’ll try being nicer if you try being smarter!

Patience, my lovelies…

I know you must all be DYING to know how my Christmas back home was.

I have a few stories, and a few pics, but I also have the deadliest head cold known to man kind and a severe sleep deficiency, so I’m going to bed now. And then I get to go back to work bright and early tomorrow! Woop dee fucking doo!

So you shall all have to hang tight until tomorrow for my sure-to-be entertaining Christmas Recap post. I’ll do it tomorrow at work, you know, while I’m ‘working’.

And it’ll have pics. Some viewers may find them offensive, but I don’t think they really are, it’s just that some people are so damned sensitive nowadays, I thought I’d throw that little disclaimer in there.

Ohh! What can they be? I know, you’re trembling with anticipation. Tomorrow! Now, I’m off to drink some orange juice and try and beat this monster of a cold. My big hope for tomorow is that I’ll be able to hear out of my right ear, because I am currently completely deaf on that side. It’s lots of fun.


Comments on: "Patience, my lovelies…" (6)

  1. Aww, poor sick Talea .. Chug that OJ, it’ll really help.
    Glad to see you made it home okay.
    *patiently awaiting pics and stories!! yay!*

  2. soverydomestic said:

    I’m already dying to know!! Not patiently, either. 😛 Here’s hoping you wake up totally cured for work tomorrow!

  3. good luck with work. being deaf in one ear could work to your advantage you know.. like when you get an impatient bitchy customer…

    “sorry what was that? i have a blocked ear”


    glad to hear you surrvived christmas though

  4. greenmetropolis said:

    I just want a pic of your mom to caption “everything she touches turns to suck”.

  5. I hope that you watched some girly flicks and feel a bit better; I’ll be waiting in a sweaty fashion for your next post to arrive 😉

  6. Bring on the offensive pictures.

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