I’ll try being nicer if you try being smarter!

The whole country has been in a brutal cold snap recently. Temps have been anywhere from -20ish to -50ish.

When it gets that cold, you’re glad for the ugly toque that your aunt gave you for Christmas. You don’t care if you wear the clunkiest boots ever made. Looking like a bloated marshmallow is the status quo. Welcome to Canada, where everyone’s fat, waddling and mismatched for half of the year in their winter garb.

Even with all that padding and covering, with temps being this low, you’d be wise to hurry your ass from Point A to Point B and don’t be stopping inbetween. You’ll lose feeling in your feet pretty quick, not to mention your ears, fingers and anything else you can think of.

Now, what I’m about to discuss is said partially in jest. Partially not in jest. I do not intend whatsoever to make light about what happened to the kids I’m about to mention. What happened to them is despicable, horrible, tragic and utterly inexcusable. I am appalled by the actions of the so-called ‘adults’ in these stories and am truly disgusted that they have bred. Clearly, just because they are physically capable of creating life does not mean they should have done so.


In my home province of Saskatchewan, winters are especially terrible. Currently, they are in a spell of temperatures that are reaching beyond -50C with the windchill. I don’t know what that is in farenheit, but I do know that -40C is equal to -40F, so it’s colder than that. It’s bloody freezing. I’ve gone through that, and when you go out in that kind of temperature, you literally get the air sucked out of you. It’s a huge shock to your body and it’s impossible to think of anything else but the cold. Every cell in your body screams at you to get back inside.

So in Saskatchewan earlier this week, a father of two girls decided it would be a lovely time to go visit his friend, in a house 400 metres from his place. Fine, whatever, maybe he had terrible cabin fever, maybe he really wanted to see his buddy, maybe he just needed to get out of the house. Though it’s cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey, 400 metres is doable when one is dressed appropriately.

So, he took his drunk self and made the decision to go out and take his two young girls along. Nobody really knows what happened exactly past this point. Eight hours later, he finally arrived at his friends house. His friend immediately called an ambulance to get him to the hospital. Once this drunken father reached the hospital, only THEN did he start to mumble something or another about his babies.

The RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police…..affectionately known as the Mounties) raced out to his place and started scouring the area, looking for his children. They were both found.

Frozen. Dead. In t-shirts and diapers. They were three and one years old.

From what authorities can gather, the three year old was walking behind her drunk piece of shit father, and the one year old was being carried but was at some point, dropped into the snow. Shortly thereafter, he passed out. Neither girl was dressed even appropriately for a warm fall night, let alone a brutal winter day of -50C. Those poor babies died cold, alone and likely, terrified.

Who is this douchebag of a sperm donor?? WHAT are you doing being SO DRUNK that you think it is a good and acceptable idea to take your toddlers out in -50C?? I’m so livid that I don’t even know where to begin. What are you doing drinking like that when you are the guardian for these girls to begin with? When there is no other adult presence around, why are you unable to be responsible enough to maintain your intact senses? Then, you know bloody well how cold it is outside. What are you doing not dressing them in 6 layers?? Why are you allowing a 3 year old to navigate her own way ANYWHERE? Do you not think of the safety, well-being or basic human fucking needs of your own damned flesh and blood AT ALL??? Or are you such an immature, irresponsible piece of trash who should be castrated that all you think about is getting together with a pal for more beer?

Those poor girls. Those poor, poor babies.

He waited all the way until he was in the hospital to let it be known that his two kids were also outside at the time??

People like this should be forcibly sterilized. If they show any tendencies to this level of selfishness, irresponsibility and inability to recognize danger or differentiate between a good or bad idea, you should not be allowed to create and handle a new life.

You want to share your life with kids? Good. Be a camp counsellor, a teacher, an overbearing aunt, a saviour to your neighbour who needs someone else to watch the Barney video for the 78th time. Be an art instructor, a dance teacher, a children’s clothing designer, a director for children’s focus groups, a daycare worker, a toy store employee, whatever. We’re snipping you!!

Okay. OBVIOUSLY I jest. This is clearly not feasible. Nor will it ever be popular (I can see the hate comments now….). But please….if you think that you can’t give up binge drinking, partying, drug use, day long naps, laziness or anything else that will get in the way of raising your child properly, be smart enough to not procreate. There’s these crazy things called condoms. Also, birth control pills are starting to become fairly well known. Depo, IUD’s, freaking abstinence!


In another disgusting, perhaps even worse display and a wonderful case for my ‘forced sterilization’ argument…….Here in Toronto, there was recently an 8-month-old baby girl found in a parking lot stairwell. Abandoned. EIGHT MONTHS OLD. There is surveillance video of a car pulling up, someone getting out, laying the baby down in the sheltered, but unheated, concrete staircase, then drive away. The baby was found near death and bleeding, but is alive. It was approximately -30C outside that day.

This, in my eyes, is attempted murder. It was premeditated and the person was in control of their senses enough to drive a vehicle properly. They knew the chances of death were pretty damn high.

The police are trying to find the mother, to see if she needs help, to see if she’s in trouble, to get her her child back.


I would search for that mother and rip out her uterus. Then I would throw her in an unheated jail cell and let HER bleed all over the concrete.

I dont know her situation. I don’t know the mother at all. But, in all honestly and complete bluntness (what else would you expect from me?), I don’t care. I do not care. No matter HOW terrible her situation, dumping her infant into a cold stairwell in an abandoned parking lot is so NOT an option. I won’t even begin to list the 8,000 other things that she could have done instead that would not have endangered this innocent beings life.

What is going on in the world? What are these people doing? I can’t even sort of pinpoint where the problem lies or where it begins or worse, how to stop it. What happens to these people? Do they want these kids, then realize that it’s not what it was cracked up to be and they stopped caring? Were these kids mistakes and they didn’t take the responsibility to do the right thing, be it adoption or abortion (I’m not judging, either way)? If they really had to get away, could they not have dropped the kid off with family or friends? Sure, it’s not an admirable thing to do and your child will resent you, but she will be ALIVE. Do they not view these kids as being worth anything? Are they disposable to them? Are they so financially distraught that they get rid of the child since they view it as a monetary burden?

What is happening?

I don’t know. I don’t understand. I know that I would be an inappropriate parent at this stage in my life, so I maintain my barren womb. It’s not difficult to not get pregnant, or to not get someone else pregnant. Why can’t others see this? Why can’t those around them see this? Why can’t they change their ways? Why are these people getting off so easy? Why is the judicial system failing these kids so miserably after these awful occurrences? These people should be tracked in the same way a sex offender is. So that others know not to leave children in their supervision. If this is what they do to their own children, may God help the ones that come in contact with them that are not a product of their own groins.

These people should be sterilized. They should not be allowed to reproduce. They disgust me. They are vile human beings.


That is all. I know I don’t usually write posts such as this, but this has made me irate. Two seperate incidents of disgusting behaviour like this need to be shared. Because something needs to be done. And I don’t know what to do. Hopefully someone else out there does.


Comments on: "Where I make my case for forced sterilization" (16)

  1. Hey Talea,
    I just had to comment on this because i totally agree with you!! This is so ridiculous that all these children are being treated like they are… I agree that anybody who has left their child, or has been so irresponsible for the care of their children that they either leave them for dead or do actually kill them should be sterilized… it’s sad to think that this guy if he makes it can still have another child…. In the paper a lot of people have commented on this story and said well he was drunk..or he was native… and again i think it’s just cover!! as you said, why in the hell was he drinking that much when he had his children?? and him being native does not affect the the decisions he made if common sense doesn’t kick in…then you go out in -50 weather and kill yourself, don’t bring your 2 toddler children out into it!! it makes me soo livid that i can’t even describe it in words. I really enjoy your blogs…

    sk friend

    Thank you Karli. I purposely left out the fact that he’s native, because I really can’t stand the fact that people will sometimes use that as a scapegoat, and I don’t really think that has anything to do with the story.
    I know, I can’t even describe how angry it makes me, I just had to get it off my chest. For some reason, this has really gotten to me.
    Stay warm out there Karli! Glad you enjoy the blogs!!

  2. 4heartbeats said:

    “I would search for that mother and rip out her uterus. Then I would throw her in an unheated jail cell and let HER bleed all over the concrete.”

    You read my mind completely! These stories made me feel so bad for those poor babies…I don’t understand how people could be so horrible to hurt/torture the most innocent and beautiful part of this world: its’ children.

    ~ 4Heartbeats ~

    I can’t comprehend it. I hope somebody can though, and can figure out a way to prevent it. And I don’t even like kids!

  3. Ok, so as you can imagine, I cried when I read each story for the first time and I’m not even going to lie – I cried again reading your post.

    As someone who has gone to great lengths to get pregnant, it really makes me sick that we had to try so hard to have Woogs and these little bitches get knocked up from one night stands (or whatever). I am sick to my stomach over these horrific events!

    Why have kids if you’re not going to devote your entire self to raising them? Why are others standing by, aware that these kids are in families that are not taking care of them, and not doing anything about it?! I really believe that they’re guilty too!

    I am glad you wrote this post, Talea, I really am. It’s hard for me to even think of because when I think about these cases and others like them, naturally I think of my own children and it just breaks me into pieces. I totally, totally agree with you, people like this should NOT be allowed to have children. Period.

    I didn’t mean to make you cry! Or maybe I did, I dont know, I wanted people to get worked up about it and hopefully someone could think of something to do about it.
    And the ones who stand by and watch ARE guilty. They are adults too and know the difference between right and wrong and an appropriate household for a child to grow up in. People need to take responsibility even when they aren’t explicitly told to.

  4. Wow. That sucks ass. Both the fact that this happened to these kids, and the fact that it actually gets to be -40 in real life. Holy fuck. I’ve maybe felt -20C, but not -40. And I’m with you one hundred percent on forced sterilization. In fact, I would sterilize everyone, and you would have to earn the right to procreate.

    Oh, it gets that cold. And it sucks ass, indeed.
    How would you reverse your mass sterilizations though??

  5. Wow. Just wow. I had tears, just thinking of what those girls thought and felt and how their last moments alive were spent .. That “father” should have his balls cut off with a rusty pair of toe nail clippers so that he can’t possibly do this again. *shakes head* Unbelievable.

    Seems there has been a lot of baby deaths here lately in the states. Newborns found under a kitchen sink .. in trashcans .. in the back of a fucking toilet bowl! Those pathetic bastids breed and then kill a life because they can’t handle it .. they don’t want to handle it .. and people that WANT a child, such as myself, can’t conceive. .and yet we read about stories such as this, such as the one you wrote, and it’s bullshit ..

    That is DISGUSTING. Someone put their newborn in the toilet tank? Unreal. Like I said, there are so many other things that are better than that. Hell, drop them on a doorstep and run; they’ll stand a better chance…being that they’ll at least GET a chance.
    I’m with you on the rusty toenail clippers….but they must be dull as anything.
    You’re such a good mom, it is sad that you only have one baby and want more, and these people have several and literally throw their lives away.

  6. So maybe the forced sterilization wouldn’t work, obviously. But I’m damned in favour of forced birth control. Holy fuck people, I get a shot four times a year and all is well. Sure, some people get side effects, but if we make this a priority, we can fix that. Then if you want a kid, you have to take a course on BASIC PRINCPLES OF CAREGIVING. And if you go to the hospital to give birth and you don’t have your baby-making license, they enroll you in one as soon as you’re done popping it out. And if you don’t attend, the feds start knocking on your door. Yes, there are holes in this plot (ie: running away to some island or something but at least it’s not cold there…though there may be malaria) but it’s an improvement. And to all, there is one teeny weeny bright aspect: it’s a pretty well known fact that anyone who gets caught and sent to jail for anything involving the endangerment of a child is pretty much going to be killed the moment they walk through the door. Even hardened criminals are all “Sure I killed fourteen people and robbed a nursing home. But you killed a kid??!?! What the fuck is wrong with you?!?!!!” Sad fucking times, my friend. Sad fucking times.

    I hope this guy gets the crap beaten out of him on an hourly basis whenever he recovers enough to have his ass sent to jail.
    And I’m SO with you on subsidized birth control. What’s more expensive? Subsidizing a cheap drug, or having to support these people through welfare….sorry, ‘social assistance programs’.
    Making people go through courses of ‘how to raise your new baby’ is BRILLIANT and should be enforced. Sure, it’ll suck for regular people, but hell, if it’ll prevent this, hike my taxes! I already pay so damned much I probably won’t even notice.

  7. How about free fucking birth control for the low income bracket as a start? Don’t get me started on the motherfucking pharmaceutical companies….morning after pill? $10 with a prescription. $40 without it. WTF!??!?! Where do those countless $30 profit margins go, huh? I’ll give you three guesses and the first two don’t count. Ugh. Jackasses.

  8. I am so disgusted Talea (not by you or this post, but by these horrific occurences).

    If it’s not the baby left in the cold thing, it’s the leaving them in the car all afternoon in a parking lot-thing in the heat of summer, or throwing them from an overpass-thing…WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THE WORLD?

    That’s my way of saying that like you, I don’t have an idea in my head of how to make it better; I mean you try to be positive in life, and go with the whole “do unto others” philosophy and think that everything else will fall into place and the world will be good, but that’s just not fucking true.


    Sorry to be so depressing, but I didn’t want to be all like “well you know, let’s focus on the positive”. No, let’s focus on the negative and be as outraged as possible.

    I hope a lot of people read this post.


    Wow, I got the serious Romi to enter the blogosphere.
    I know, hey? What is wrong with people? Keep your ass at home when it’s -50C and take your baby inside the air conditioned mall with you when it’s +40C.
    I do try and live by the ‘do unto others’ which is why I think these people deserve no mercy when it comes to punishment. It’s inexcusable.
    I hope so too. And this time, it isn’t cuz I’m a stat whore.

  9. Oh man, what a fucked up story about those poor little girls. You’re totally right. As they say, you have to take a test and get a license to drive a car, but any jackass can be a parent. I hope this man is heavily abused in jail.

    As do I. I have faith that he will be.

  10. Well, Vasectomies are reversible I believe. You can get like a gold valve or some shit and they can take it out or turn it back on later. I’m not sure, but I know you can undo vasectomies. One of my friends got one and he said it was quick and relatively painless. He was sore for a week or so, but was able to go back to his job as a pilot the next day. And if they ever decide they want more kids, he can just go back and get it undone.

    And if I ruled the country scientists would not be allowed to eat until they figured out a way to do the same thing to ladies. I don’t want no damn immigrants sneaking in and knocking up the women folk! Everyone has to earn it.

    Hmmmm, it was kind of a rhetorical question. Ha. But thanks! Damn immigrants and their ubiquitous sperm.

  11. I just wanted to add some more information about the 2 little girls freezing to death. Apparently the mother of these 2 girls is pregnant right now and due in April so this stupid fuck bag, that killed his 2 daughters is having another child….. it makes me sick!!

    I agree with the post above that his balls should be cut off with rusty, dull nail clippers… i hope this guy gets charged with 2 counts of murder…but i don’t think he will get the sentence that i think he deserves. The reserve is pushing pretty hard for the government to give them more money to help the reserve “clean up”. Like seriously do the reserves need more money from the government..anyway that’s another story… and don’t get me wrong i’m not racist… but everybody is playing the “poor native” card and it’s complete bullshit.

    What shit. I don’t care if you’re fucking purple with green polka dots, you know what’s right and wrong in terms of keeping your children safe and alive. And what utter shit about the reserve. The fact that this happened on a reserve has zero relevance. It could have happened anywhere, and I don’t see how this guys idiocy should earn that reserve a CENT. How absolutely asinine.

  12. It seems that we’ve had a rash of these stories in the states lately too. There was a man that threw his 4 kids off a bridge into the ocean in Alabama. The youngest was 8 months old.

    It sickens me, and although we might be in teh minority, I agree about forced sterilization. I have long said, when driving past public housing facilities, that being on Norplant should be a requirement for living in government housing.

    Good idea! If you can’t afford to keep yourself going in this world, you should not be allowed to burden the rest of us even more with bringing another life into the welfare system. Sorry, ‘social support’. Yeah. Whatever. Get a job.

  13. I love the cold and I desperately yearn for it. I live in Florida, where the weather is a motherfucker of hot and humid temperatures.

    For this, I should never speak to you again. Do not ever tell a Canadian in February that you are too hot and yearn for the cold. You will be shot.

  14. Oh wait, I forgot to comment on the kid killing thing… That’s just, well, you know. What the fuck is wrong with people.

    Yes. I think the general consensus is that it’s bad. Very very bad.

  15. I have this vision of you with a baseball bat…

  16. sigh….it’s these same mother fuckers, that every year, in Detroit, you hear about them leaving their babies in the car in 90+heat with the windows up while they go in and get their fucking hair done. STUPIDDUMBASSMOTHERFUCKERS.
    it’s so sad because so many people WANT to have kids and would be awesome parents and dont even get the chance, but these fucks just look at each other wrong way and someone gets knocked up.

    man, this shit fucking pisses me off.

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