I’ll try being nicer if you try being smarter!

The title is fairly self-explanatory. Here we go:

– I like the smell of my feet. I do. At the end of the day, when I take off my heels and opt for my snow-crushing boots, I like the waft of smell that comes from the shoe. It doesn’t smell feety. It smells good. To me at least.

– Fruitcake. I don’t care what you all say, I loves me some fruitcake. Especially with a nice chunk of cheddar cheese. Mmmmmmmm. Fruitcake.

– The taste of oranges right after you brush your teeth. I LOVE that taste. During Christmas when you can buy those crates of mandarin oranges, I brush my teeth like a maniac, so I can get that taste when I eat them. Everyone I’ve ever run into really hates that.

– Flat pop. Preferably flat Coke. Mmmmmmmmmm. This stems from when I was a little kid. Every night my mom would pour herself some Coke and watch TV. But she was incapable of finishing the whole can. So I’d get up in the morning and it’d be sitting there, flat as can be and I’d drink it before anyone else woke up. It was so sugary and good and sneaky. Mmmmm.

– Curling. As in, the game on ice. I should really dedicate an entire post to curling one of these days, it’s a hilarious game to explain out of context. But I truly love it, whereas most people would rather poke their eyes out with rusty utensils than watch it.

– Rules. I love rules. I crave rules. I hate when people don’t follow the rules. Bring on the boundaries!!

– Those gnarly little toffee candies from Halloween, in the orange and black wrappers. Sure, I broke a few teeth on the damn things, but they were so good. And since everybody else hated them, it just meant more for Talea. And yeah, that’s right, I described them as gnarly.

– Cheez Whiz & jam on toast. Okay, this is a hotly debated topic amongst me and Emerald. She thinks I’m a total freak for eating this and has decided it must be a regional thing from where I grew up (we grew up different places). Granted, everyone I’ve asked in Ontario shares the belief that I am a freak and they insist they shall never try it, for it sounds so disgusting. But I ask you……what’s so gross about it? People put cheez whiz on their toast, they put jam on their toast, they eat fruit and cheese together all the time. What’s so wrong with a little cheez whiz and jam love? Hmmmm? Back me up on this one people, I can’t be the only one.

That’s all that I can think of at this moment. I think the list would much longer if the concept was reversed……..’things I hate that most people like’. But I’d probably crash WordPress or something if I tried to post an epic that gigantic.


Comments on: "Things I like that most people hate." (16)

  1. FREAK!!! FREAK, FREAK, FREAK. Okay, I’m down with those gnarly little candies. And hello, have you seen them? How weirdly coloured and twisted they are? Gnarly is the only word to describe them. Also, cheezewhiz is not cheese. And jam is not fruit. It can be close to fruit, but cheezewhiz is nowhere near actual cheeze. Gnarly, dude. Gnarly.

    Also, I think everyone secretly likes the smell of their own feet. And mine are seriously grody.

    Jam is fruity and cheezwhiz is what it is……..scrumptious! The two together are very satisying. Shut up Emerald, you’re influencing everyone again. Haha.
    You like the smell of your feet??

  2. Wait… fruitcake AND cheese…?? We are not talking about the same plate at the same time and in the same mouth now are we?????

    That is precisely what we are talking about. Mmmmmmm. My mom used to give us that for a bedtime snack when we were kids, near Christmastime.

  3. Cheezewhiz and Jam?? I think Emerald might be right… 🙂

    Clearly, this is a situation where I’M the only sane one and the whole world is really the crazy one. Yeah….

  4. No, no, no…NO!

    I was REALLY reaching for some common ground with you on this one, but dude, you seriously grossed me out, hahaha…

    …I’m trying to think of stuff that I like but a lot of folks would hate…hmmm…no…I think I just like WAY too many things that are universally great and also universally bad for you (i.e. chocolate, chocolate CHOCOLATE!!…and on that note, were you ever a big viewer of The Simpsons??? If so, do you remember when Homer had that fantasy one time that he was living in “chocolate city”, and he was taking a bite out of everything ’cause it was made out of chocolate? Like from the lamp post to the mail box to a passing poodle??? WOW…mmm….okay, I went off track…umm…see ya! 😉 )

    I honestly do NOT see the problem with cheez whiz and jam. I really don’t. Like, some stuff that I like, I can imagine why people wouldn’t like it. But this one, I’m so far in that I can’t even see the problem.
    And do I watch the Simpsons? Oh, DO I!

  5. LOL Talea. I’m speechless. I can’t imagine what people will send you for your birthday after this post!

    Ha, I never thought of that. I knew some of the things were weird, but people seem very offended by the Cheez Whiz and jam thing. I say don’t knock it til you try it.

  6. Talea, no, you are on your own here so far *smiles* but there is a say’n “Different Strokes for Different Folks”. I re-read it twice to see if there weren’t just one thing that I could at least say we had in common on this one but, no. I tried, I really tried! Well, mayble flat pop isn’t the worst thing on the planet. There, there’s one! 🙂

    I LOOOOVE flat Coke. The boyfriend’s friend knew this and brought me his bottle that had gone flat and it was like Christmas in February. It’s so good. I think most things that people like that are weird stem from odd childhood things. Par example, I also love cheese slice and mustard sandwiches, because that was the first sandwich I was ever able to make for myself.

  7. I’m diggin the rules. Curse all you no rule following anarchists. 🙂 Other than that, you’re on your own. Cheese Whiz and jam? 😯

    I love rules. I’m very black and white when it comes to rules. Follow them, or pay the consequences, fools!!!
    Yes. It is good. I stand by this.

  8. Don´t you just love the crusty part of jello, stuck to the bottom of the bowl? Why do people hate it, they don´t know what they´re missing. I´ll try you cheez-wiz jam gnarly combination. Will give feedback on results. Big hug 2 you.

    Ew!! That’s gross. Far grosser than cheez-wiz and jam.

  9. Cheese Whiz on toast?! With Jam?! Granted I’ve never tasted Cheese Whiz, but I can imagine it’s a little strange. I’m a big fan of Sour Cream and jam on toast though, so I can’t judge. 🙂

    Those two things are apalling. One, you’ve never had Cheez Whiz, which should be a crime. And two….sour cream and jam? Ew dude! Maybe that’ll get people off my back and onto yours!

  10. Also? I’m passing on the ‘I love you this much’ award… Enjoy 🙂

    Awwww, thanks.

  11. Oh man, I sooo do not like the smell of my feet. They stink.
    And yes, Duffboy, I dig the crusty Jello. Hells yes!
    CheezWhiz and Jam? The question isss .. what kinda jam, exactly? Because that could potentially be doable.

    My preference is a strawberry jam. Or raspberry. Even blueberry. But you can’t go all peach or plum or marmalade. That won’t do.
    And FINALLY someone who has their head on their shoulders with this cheez whiz business.

  12. flat pop is the business. when i am not feeling well i ask my motar for flat pop and it materializes.

    It is indeed the shiznat, or whatever the kids are saying these days.

    I’ve tried the cheese whiz and jam, folks. Save yourselves. It’s horrendous.

    You didn’t go into it with an open mind, that was the prob!

  14. Haha Em, yes I was quite intoxicated when I VOLUNTEERED us to eat the Cheese Whiz and Jam, sorry about that….lol…

    PS: for some reason I remember that I spilled a blob of cheese whiz on my pants, and like a true friend you wiped it off for me (that’s right boys, it was HOT!! Hahaha..)….thanks dude 😉

    Dude, you had to know that bringing that into the house would mean you HAD to try it! I would have made you try it, no matter if you volunteered or I had to hold you down.

  15. leakyfaucet said:

    Oh my gosh… I never saw such liberal use of cheese whiz until I was in Saskatchewan, I was served cheese whiz on toast AND on celery and had to choke it down because it was from in-laws… I respect your Saskatchewan culture but do not count Cheese Whiz as an acceptable topping.
    But the foot smell and rules-appreciation… I can relate to that.

    I had NO idea that it was a Sask thing. Dude, celery & cheez whiz? Mmmmmmm. With raisins? Double mmmmmmm. It’s so good!!

  16. Jade Brown said:

    Cheese Whiz and grape jam is the bomb! My Dad is partial to Cheeze Whiz and peanut butter.

    I’ve very recently discovered that I like dry Mini Wheats with Kraft cheese slices lmao.

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