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The Green Aisle

Dear dear Ireland,

I don’t even know where to start. your’e so great. You gave us potatoes, red hair and freckels. Green eyes and my last name also originated there.

St. Patricks’ Day and the classic four leaved clover. The fighting Irish and…..uh….names that start with Mc.


*Insert drum roll*


Of which I am full of righ tnow,  and I have drunkenly invited ppl over. I have to go invite them in and trash talk some people right now behind their backs.

Tata! Lov eyou Iraland!


Comments on: "The Green Aisle" (11)

  1. Isn’t Guinness from Ireland? I’m not a big Baileys guy, but Guinness is pretty good. I think Jameson if from there too, and that’s like the best whiskey ever. Good luck getting drunk (and daaaaancing! I knew you danced when you got drunk, everyone does, sorry I distracted Em)

    I’ve never had Guinness. And I wasn’t dancing, I was rocking out to Guitar Hero. Everyone knows you have to do that to play it right.

  2. List of great things that just so happen to be Irish:

    * BAILEY’s
    * Chicks With Red Hair
    * Chicks with Red Hair drinking Bailey’s

    Thomas 🙂

    Bailey’s. It’s a love/hate relationship. I loooooooved it last night. But this morning? I really hate that bitch.

  3. …and Ireland loves you too. 🙂

    *Does an Irish jig*

  4. hahaha…you crazy drunk bitch! Do you know I think you’re even COOLER now?? (it was hardly possible, but it just happened 😉 )

    I’m sorry I drunkenly posted on your blog last night. Sigh.

  5. Ah, Talea. You’re such a party animal. 🙂

    Yeah, you know me, I’m pretty hardcore.

  6. Isn’t “Mc” a Scottish thing?

    Dammit! You only come out of the cracks to point out that I”m wrong!
    You’re right. I should have said O’

  7. hahahaa. i love drunk posts.
    and the Irish.
    yay me!

  8. I ‘ve never drunk-posted, you’ve inspired me to start doing so. Long live Ireland, and a blogger called Talea!

  9. You were full of Bailey’s?????? Like I never heard that one before… lol.. *cough*.. ok I am done.

  10. Here’s to posting on blogs drunk! Pass the Bailey’s… 🙂

  11. Ha ha. This just made me laugh. It’s simple, drunk talk. Don’t get into any fights.

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