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So. So, so, so.

I had a sweet weekend. The boyfriend finished up his two med interviews, defended his PhD successfully (he is now Dr. Boyfriend, PhD) and we just went out for food and drinks and relaxed. It was such a difference to have him to myself and not have him ignore me for his papers, thesis, interview prep, blah blah blah.

Saturday, I slept in and then made my merry way IN THE SUNSHINE (halle-freaking-lujah) to Kensington Market to meet Em to get my hair cut. Turns out, they couldn’t take us. Blarg. So we ambled about the market for a bit. Before that however, we fuelled up with coffee and pastries at an establishment that will remain nameless.

After drinking some coffee at unnamed establishment, I had to pee. Now, going to the washroom in Toronto when you are in a restaurant/cafe downtown is always a gamble, my friends. The washrooms are NEVER on the main level. They are almost always down a very rickety, uneven, back room staircase littered with cases of pop, mops and old phone books. I don’t know why this is, it just IS. You are led through dark, sloping halls with low, low ceilings. It’s always a scary experience. You can never tell if you’re about to be molested. Often, these bathrooms are at least acceptable. Sometimes, they’re as scary as the dank, deserted hallways leading up to them. And then…..then sometimes, they’re this:


Obviously, this is a crappy picture I took all ‘sly-like’ from my camera phone. Let me explain what we have here. I would like to nominate this for the Worst Fucking Bathroom in all of Toronto. You can see the door is not on the hinges. It is on the ground. Where I suppose you could slide it over as you sat on the throne, but it wouldn’t change the fact that the door would still only be about 4 and a half feet off the ground and any full grown, non-midget individual would get an eyeful when they walked in.

Was this not deemed something that someone should FIX? Shit, dudes. Am I actually expected to go to the bathroom here? I’m pretty sure that they have better bathroom facilities in rural Middleofnowheresistan. Do I not live in a first world country? Did we lose a war I’m not aware of??? Cripes. I just had to share that disgustingness with you guys. Am I right?

Anyhow. We stuffed ourselves full of burritos and pop and bought a few things here and there, and then split ways once again.

I came home, did the Earth Hour thing. We turned off everything, not just the lights, lit some candles, drank some alcomahols and ate some yummy food. It was good times and you could actually see stars in downtown Toronto! Truly a miracle, I tells ya. It was really nice to shut everything off, actually.

THEN….THENNNNNNN……some folks came over, more drinks, blah blah blah. We decided to go out and since it was really late, we decided to go to the neighbourhood pub just down the road instead of anywhere further. We were sitting there and I looked to my left and starting losing my shit. For sitting at a table, a mere 15 feet away from me, was a real time Canadian Celebrity.

If you’re an international reader, you’re probably either laughing or asking yourself ‘ARE there Canadian celebrities?’ Well, I wouldn’t be too upset if either of those were your reactions. Canadian television is historically….atrocious. To say the least. I don’t know who the hell watches it.

But a few years ago, someone actually got one right. There’s a show called Corner Gas, which is a comedy based on the lives of small town Saskatchewan folk. It’s shot in Saskatchewan and has a pretty strong following for a Canadian show. It’s driven up tourism to Sask a ton and is an alright show. I’m super proud of it cuz it’s all Saskatchewan and stuff. I love it, it’s like being back home, without having to deal with all that crap that comes with being at home.

And sitting near me was the resident cop from that show. I was star struck. I hmmed and hawed for almost 40 minutes about whether or not I wanted to be that loser who went up to some barely-known celeb and gush on and on. In the end, I decided I did want to be that loser. His name is Lorne Cardinal and he plays Davis on Corner Gas, the idiot cop. He was CRAZY nice. It was awesome. It resulted in this here photo (also crappy, since it was from my phone):



Then today I got my hair cut and got the cutest haircut ever. Ever. I’ll post a pic at some point. But I look cute and even *gasp* slightly less angry!!!!

Anyhow, you should all be in awe of my awesomeness and my essential Canadian-fame at this point. It was QUITE fantastical. Pretend to be happy for me. Hehehe.


Comments on: "My brush with Hollywood (North)" (11)

  1. I’m happy for you Talea, for real! My all time favorite canadian celebrity would have to be Phil Hartman. He’s been one of my favorite SNL cast members since I started watching that show. I was very sad when he died, ’cause he was so freakingly talented. Hoping to see the pics. Big kiss, and congrats on the Dr. Boyfriend accomplishment!

  2. I too am very happy for you. Not counting the crappy crapper incident, that was an awesome weekend. I wasn’t able to make out the sign in the crapper. What does it say?

    That’s a great pic of you and Lorne despite the poor camera/phone quality. He looked all psyched and you have a very photogenic glow about you (great smile). Looking forward to seeing the new haircut.

  3. Awwwwww, how awesome is that?

    So was that crappy bathroom at the coffee place or the burrito place? Not that I’ll oust either one of them, I would just like to avoid having to make the same trek myself, hehehe.

  4. Congrats to your boyfriend!

    And yeah, horrible toilet there.

  5. Love the picture! I watch that show. I would have to say my favourite Canadian celebrity would be supermodel (does that count?) Coco Rocha. I would be set if I had a sliver of her beauty. I think I had a star struck moment like that. I was at the down-town Toronto Jack Astor’s, when, sitting in the booth near the door was Zack Efron. I don’t even like him whatsoever, but the thought that he was there was strange. Come to think of it, I think ‘Zack Efron’ was Asian. Uggh.

  6. By the way, I’ve seen worse bathrooms in Toronto. I know that sounds impossible, but at this one Oriental place… alright I don’t even want to go back to that! By the way, I now live in Quebec City! Haven’t encountered any bathroom horrors yet!

  7. Okay, so I’ve never seen Corner Gas, but I totally found myself watching it earlier tonight, and observing Lorne Cardinal in all his glory, and ONLY because of you and this post!!!…you should get royalties dude 😉

    PS: stop being such a suspenseful bitch and let us have a peek at your fucking awesome hair (wow…why so bitchy tonight Romi? Meh…Monday and all that…)

  8. Yes, I believe a picture is in order, Em told me all about your hair, kind of. But I’m a guy, so I really have no idea what the hell she was talking about without a photo to go off of. Bangs were involved, and flippy things, and the infamous “layers” that somehow describes every air style ever.

    Tons of props to you for meeting Lorne. I would just like to point out that my middle name is Lorne, which means it’s a cool name. Also, the bathroom was kind of bad, but nothing compared to the horrors of the porta-john in the dog days of summer.

  9. Wow what a great day for you! Meeting celebrities always makes someone’s day, doesn’t it? Oh, and I see bathrooms like that all the time. It’s annoying 😛


  10. joebecca said:

    kudos on your brush with stardom!! and love that pic. that’s a truly HAPPY Talea!! yay!

  11. I just can’t get past the bathroom thing. WTF? Congrats to the boyfriend! What a major accomplishment! Great pic of you and the star (*not familiar with him) – – but it made you happy and that’s all that matters!

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