I’ll try being nicer if you try being smarter!

So for those of you who follow my blog, you’ll remember that my parents had a 5 hour layover at Toronto’s Pearson Airport.

Due to me and my stupid big mouth, I was expected to show up and visit. If you don’t remember how this came about, want a refresher or have never read my blog but are already so intrigued by my life you want to know every boring detail, click here.

Now that you know that I really didn’t want to go and that I have virtually no relationship with my parents, I will tell you that that visit is scheduled to occur today.

Last week I sent a very faint-hearted, half-assed email telling them that I’d probably not be coming, due to blah blah blah, lame excuse, dumb reason, etc. They didn’t answer.

I know they got the email, so I assumed that they didn’t answer out of anger or denial. I fully expect a call from my mom, in her best rage-act, demanding to know why I’m not there and then informing me that I’m a worse being than Satan himself and blah blah blah.

Well Mom, bring it on.

You know why? Because the stars aligned last night and I have a GREAT reason why I can’t get my ass out there.

The TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) who runs our streetcars, subways and buses in my fair city of Toronto went on strike last night at midnight. With 1.5 million people riding the TTC every day, myself included, this city is paralyzed at the moment.

Their timing couldn’t be better. I can’t take a $50 cab ride out there and back to see them! I’ll plead poverty. I certainly don’t have a car, I’m a typical snobby urbanite Torontonian who wouldn’t be caught dead driving a car around being stuck in traffic. Give me a cute pair of shoes and a metropass any day.

TTC, I really hate you and your pansy ass whining about contracts blah blah blah. But that is a whole other post.

Today TTC, I LOVE YOU, for giving me a marvellous alibi. Sorry Mom! Can’t get out to the airport! Can you BELIEVE that they went on strike just last night?! Shucks. Whatever, enjoy your stale $7 muffins and $4 bottles of airport water.

See you in a few years! Mwah!


Comments on: "Finally the stars align for me!" (9)

  1. Damn! The stars have aligned for you. It’s always awesome when you can use a REAL excuse. That would never happen to me…I always fabricate some ridiculous excuse and then it comes back and smacks me in the face. Hey…enjoy your weekend!

    I know! The best part is that it’s guilt free! I can transfer all the blame and guilt onto the TTC.

  2. I think you might be the only one affected positively by the TTC strike. During the many times I’ve been to Toronto, I always use your transit system. I like it. It’s straight forward.

    Hopefully this blows over between now and this coming weekend when I go back!

    Oh it will! They always force them back to work after 2 days max, cuz it really does paralyze the city. Torontonians NEED their TTC, it’s an awesome system.

  3. Damn That great. Have a good weekens.

  4. Wow yay for you!!
    So how are you going to go to and from work?

    Don’t worry, they’ll force them back to work for Monday morning. Since they’re so vital to the city, the strikes never last long, they can’t, it costs a TON of money to have them shut down.

  5. Yeah, how are you going to get to and from work??? Very good question QueenB. 😉
    I hope the strike doesn’t have an equally opposite (evil) effect on you.
    Is work within biking distance? Do you have a bike? 😕 What ever the case, take care. 🙂

    It is so not within biking distance, it is FAR. They threatened to do this last time during the week, and I simply accepted the fact that I wasn’t getting to work that day (I could cab it, but during strikes, you have 1.5 million more ppl on the roads and ur chance of getting a taxi is NIL, plus if you DID get one, you’d just sit in gridlock for about 3 hours).
    If they’re not back tomorrow morning, I’m screwed. At least I don’t run the world or anything, and civilization will carry on if I’m not there.

  6. Take that, Talea’s mom! You should document the whole experience, have a fun filled time, involving your great friend Emerald, perhaps. Huggy sentiments!

  7. Ha, I saw the strike and I was all “pffft, who the hell are they trying to paralyze on a weekend? Don’t you know this just gives the city 48 hours to kick your ass?” But at least it did you some good. Say hi to your mom for me! In that, you know, terrifically rude spitting kind of way 😀 Oh, and spit on a TTC vehicle for me too. They run by you more often, being that I live at Bathurst and all.

  8. You have the cool thing on your blog that gives out related posts! cool.

    I’m glad the TTC didnt get a chance to fuck you around.

  9. DOH! You got me! I was so caught up in your hate of the evil empire TTC because I read your most recent post first that I bust out laughing when I read this. You are so funny!

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