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Fuck you too, TTC

I think the title gives the general impression of where this post is going.

For those of you who don’t live in the Centre of the Universe (Toronto), I’ll give you some background info. Toronto is a city that has managed to avoid downtown blight. Toronto’s downtown is thriving. The midtown is thriving. Hell, even the uptown is doing not so terribly. With any large, bustling city, we have to have a great transit system. Which we do…the TTC (Toronto Transit Commission).

I love the TTC. People from Toronto bitch about it all the time, but clearly these are native Torontonians and have never gone north of Steeles, let alone tried to ride a transit system in any other city. I have. And trust me, Torontonians have no idea how good they have it. I’ve almost forgotten that things like bus schedules exist……..I just go to the subway platform, streetcar stop or bus shelter and stand there. I don’t have to worry about timing it, cuz I know there’s going to be one in like, 3 minutes. Unless I’m on Bathurst. Don’t get me started about the Bathurst streetcar. Overall, the TTC is amazing, I love it, I use it every day. They chauffer me around, while I don’t have to worry about traffic, but get free time to read, knit or ponder the meaning of life.

The TTC is V I T A L to this city. Over 1.5 million people ride it every day. Every single day. Anybody with a brain uses the TTC when downtown rather than drive. Driving makes no sense in Toronto. It’s not like other cities, where only losers take transit. It’s sort of the reverse here. Pedestrians and transit riders have the holier-than-thou attitude, usually assigned to drivers in other cities.

So anyways, TTC is good. It’s important. It’s big. I believe they employ over 10,000 people and have 3 unions in total. And all of them Suck. Capital S.

The TTC employees have shitty jobs, granted. But they know when they sign up to drive a bus, they’ll be driving a bus all day. That driving busses includes dealing with people; good, bad, drunk, crazy, chatty or otherwise. It’s allllll part of the job. It’s how jobs work……they have ups and downs, drawbacks and benefits. I’ve not yet heard of a job that is only puppies and rainbows.

But since the TTC is so huge and has been unionized since 1899, they are FULL of themselves. Every time their contract goes up, they whine and cry. These people have such a sense of entitlement, it’s ridiculous. Their union saps this city dry every three years and then they bitch and moan that they don’t have enough money to run the system.

You know what? Maybe if you didn’t pay toll booth monkeys $27 fucking dollars an hour to sit on their ass, doing crossword, Sudoku and looking at you like they want to shoot flaming spears through your head when you ask them to DO THEIR JOBS by making change, you wouldn’t have such a financial problem. Seriously, these people are overpaid. You know why? Unions.

Every time, they whine. Every time, they get raises. This time they had threatened to strike about a week back, but PROMISED the people of Toronto that they would give 48 hours notice if they did so. They didn’t strike. They reached a deal of 3% pay increase a year and blah blah blah. Uh….I do NOT get a 3% raise each year. I don’t know anybody who does. You’re getting a 3% raise on top of your already astronomical wages.

Then, Friday night rolls around. All of a sudden…..at about 10:30 PM, they tell us they’re striking. At midnight. What happened to the 48 hours? Oh, they had a temper tantrum and changed their minds. Now, it didn’t affect me, but this was HIGHLY retarded.

Think about it. Friday night, tens of thousands of people flood into the Entertainment District (my neighbourhood). They get liquored up and stumble to the subway stations and take themselves home responsibly. They were in the clubs when the TTC announced it’s fun little prank. By the time they got out at 2:00 AM, the city was shut down. They’d spent their money on booze, cuz they knew they could just hop on the train to get home. But wait! There IS no train service, there ARE no streetcars!! Hope you kept $60 in your pocket in case of a TTC strike! Oh, you didn’t? Well, weren’t you dumb to believe them that they would keep their 48 hour promise.

Now you have ANGRY drunks roaming the streets. Super. Fighting over cabs. Brilliant.

Let’s also think about the single women, elderly, disabled, anyone else who went out that night thinking they could get home. They couldn’t.

Fuck you, TTC. Fuck you and your overprivileged, shitty work ethic attitude.

What they were TRYING to do was screw the city over. What they FAILED to remember is that every time they pull this, they get legislated back to work almost immediately. This isn’t a small town transit system. This is a necessity.  If it would have been a weekday, they would have been smart. When the TTC goes down, people can’t get to work, school, medical appointments, grocery stores, dentist visits, hospitals, anything. I can’t get to work if they strike, I live way too far away.

So, all they did was piss off the public AGAIN. They pull this shit way too often (let’s think back two years ago to their wildcat strike….they just decided one day to stop working! Fun!!) They irresponsibly stranded people all over the city and didn’t really get any impact. If they would have pulled that shit on a weekday, they probably could have gotten whatever they wanted. Instead, they gave people a nice, slow Saturday off and wasted their two-day strike allowance.

They claim they work in horrid conditions, don’t make enough, are worried about being contracted out, don’t get enough benefits, have bad schedules, blah blah blah wah wah wahhhhh. Cry me a river. You chose that job. There’s plenty of other ones you could get out there. But you took this one BECAUSE it pays so well, and has such amazing benefits. Plus you have a union that is retardedly powerful and know that you can’t get fired even if you do nothing…….which coincidentally is what most TTC employees do.

They’re worried about the rising violence against their front-line workers. Well, NO SHIT brainiacs. Every time we turn around, YOU get a raise and WE get a fare hike. Every time we turn around, YOU’RE on strike and WE’RE the ones not able to get to work. You know what happens if I don’t go to work? I GET FIRED!! My boss doesn’t give a rats ass if you’re on strike, I need to get myself to work. Every time we turn around, you’re breaking promises about strike notice. Every time we turn around, you’re threatening to cut another line. Remember the time you threatened to shut down the entire, brand new Sheppard subway line? Who the fuck shuts down subway lines???

It’s no fucking wonder you’re scared about rising violence. We’re pissed. And it’s YOUR fault. Stop your moaning and do your job, assholes.

Now I know, not everyone driving the bus is making the decisions. It’s the union heads. But still, the workers vote on the contracts that the union deems acceptable. The public knows this, they know that the union is full of shit when they try to bargain for raises, this that and the other thing.


They served their purpose back in the day, no doubt. But nowadays, there are labour laws and all unions do is suck money out of employers and governments. There’s no need for them. We now have laws that make working fair.

Way to go TTC. I’ll see you tomorrow morning. And despite the city’s speech, begging commuters not to beat the shit out of employees when they see them tomorrow, because at this point we have had E-NOUGH, I hope you get what you deserve.

Your latest strike has only pissed off the public, taken away your right to pick your own mediator, taken away your striking power for this round of negotiations and you’ve possibly set the wheels in motion to render you an essential service. This will take away  your right to strike and bitch and moan altogether.

Ah, right. Also, due to your little Friday night prank, if you try and pull that again, you get to pay the city $2,000 per employee, plus $25,000 per union each day. That’s $20,000 plus $75,000. Hell, make it an even $100K. You can make the cheque out to T-A-L…… Way to go.

Hope you’re proud of yourselves, guys. Next time you pull this crap, I hope you all get fired. I GUARANTEE there’s 10,000 people in this city who would walk away from their jobs to take yours, no increased wages or benefits. I would. You have no idea how lucky and overvalued you are; you’re too busy whining to notice.


Comments on: "Fuck you too, TTC" (12)

  1. Ah….dude, dude, dude….I HAD to go to work tomorrow either way, so I was either going to take a ridiculously rip-off cab ride from union station, or walk the two+ hours to Eglinton…all for those fuckers…hahaha…I will drop-kick someone in a TTC uniform tomorrow…and I probably won’t feel bad about it 😉

    PS: I DIDN’T get a 3% raise this year…WTF!!?!??! I need to start “whoring” on the side ala Julia Roberts…maybe I’ll meet a Richard Gere type-tycoon in the process, ’cause really, that’s all I have left…

    I know, cuz you’re not in an overbloated, archaic union! Don’t worry, your dignity and self respect are worth more than 3% a year my dear.

  2. Talea, I get the impression you’re angry with the TTC? =)

    I don’t blame you, I too HATE, HATE, HATE unions.

    I just wish L.A. had a transit system like the one in Toronto. All we have is the measly Metrolink system. My station only has trains every 40 minutes, and there’s not much of a system to get all around the city. I just get off on my stop and then ride a shuttle for 20 minutes to get to my office.

    I feel your pain re: the union a-holes, but I’m still jealous of your transit system.

    Ha, you must have really read between the lines there Dan! I didn’t think it was that obvious! 😉

    I’ve heard that they made a law in L.A. that they can’t build any more subways, cuz the last one was such a disaster. That sucks. I love my TTC, I would hate to have to have a car.

  3. I’ve actually given thought to becoming a bus driver when I’ve had enough of truck driving. Good money, great benefits, and home every night.
    All those whiny, crybaby TTC chumps need a good solid slap to the back of the head (bare minimum).
    Like Daddy Dan, I’m diggin’ your transit system there, but I already did my fair share of braggin’ on it over at Em’s. 😉
    Good luck guys.

    It’s pretty sweet. I love it. You know, when it runs. I’ve had enough of their juvenille whining. So has the rest of the city. And the surrounding cities that all commute in on it. Grrrrrrr.

  4. I’m against the union too.

    Way to stick it to the TTC you should print out the post and hand it out around the stations.

    Unions suck. It’s time for them to die.
    Ha, they don’t need my bad publicity, they do enough for themselves as it is.

  5. I’m glad that the TTC is back up and running. I heard that the transit system in Vancouver allows drivers and ticket vendors to carry TASERS!

    They said that these people have the right to taser you if you are causing a ‘scene’ or if they are carrying the wrong ticket! Correct me if I’m wrong, but I also heard that they killed about three poeple with their tasers! Or injured them, I don’t know which. I would buy a car if the Quebec transit system brought in tasers! I would just be scared shitless.

    I’d actually welcome that. Honestly. Sometimes on the streetcar, I really don’t want to have to listen to some crazy, high hobo freaking out at the driver over fare. Zap the fool and get a move on! It’s Toronto bitches! Get out of the way!

  6. whatigotsofar said:

    TTC, oh, you mean take the car.

    Problem is, the TTC is unionized in a world where unions have no reason to exist anymore.

    I just do my best to avoid situations where I’ll need public transit during times of labour spats. For example, in the past few weeks, I’ve rarely ventured south of Steeles.

    It doesn’t screw me over during weekends, but it does get me pretty good if they strike on a weekday.
    I live in the core, so I can pretty much walk anywhere.
    In the past few years, I’ve rarely ventured above Steeles. So you start the anti-union movement up there and I’ll get it going down here….good?

  7. This is exactly why I’ve always said that the TTC should be an essential service. We as a city choose to become a greener place, which naturally means heavily relying on the TTC. If they were an essential service, they’d have an association instead of a union and they could make a point without fucking us all over.

    Excellent post. 🙂

    They should ABSOLUTELY be an essential service. I’d honestly be willing to pay them a bit more if they were classified as such, just to avoid all this crap.
    This city is fairly unique in that it really CANNOT function without the ol’ Red Rocket.
    I say pass the law boys, bring on the essential service status.

  8. Seriously?

    Just try to picture where I’m coming from here.
    I have been on subway trains that allowed the drivers to carry tasers. On this particular venture, I was on my way up-town when the subway car came to a halt. The driver came out and went to the back of the car. I then took off my iPod. The driver walks over to this old homeless lady, whips out the stun-gun and ZAPS HER LIKE A BUG. She was on the floor, screaming in pain, flailing her limbs around, while the driver kept zapping her. I honestly don’t even know what she did.

    I can tell you I was somewhere in East Europe back in my first year of college. I couldn’t get that image out of my mind, and I couldn’t shut my eyes at night for the rest of the week.

    In Toronto, let’s say, on Queen St., would it not be easier to call the police and potentially less disturbing to the passengers?
    Let’s say it’s some black guy who hails from Jane and Finch, when he sees the driver bombarding toward him with the taser, pulls the trigger on his hand gun? I don’t want to ride the streetcar wide-eyed, silent, and stiff fearing the driver.

    This just coming from a Quebecer.

    I was partially serious. Almost everything I say is sarcasm, tinged with slight bits of truth. People shoot people on the TTC regardless of the drivers having any weapons. At least this way, they’d stand a chance.
    And btw, everyone knows Quebecers are crazy. See? There’s that sarcasm, tinged with a slight bit of truth! I’m kidding Irina, I like your comments.

  9. Aww shucks! 🙂

  10. Man, the TTC can go F off . That’s for sure. I read your post, and I’ve never even been to Canada, but now I’m angry. I’m going out for some beers.

  11. I know nothing about unions but this is b.s. I can totally understand your anger. The squeaky ‘effn wheel is always getting greased. I think what you said is so true, there are probably tons of folks who’d jump at the chance for that job w/ good pay and bennies. But, if so many people feel this way, why does it NOT change? Grrrr!

  12. unionhater said:

    I have to agree with the unions suck, no need for them anymore. we have the automobile union too, look how much they make, price of the cars have sky rocketed. If India can make a car for $2500 we should be able to without the unions screwing it up. The TTC has the same flaw as most big unions trying to cater to all the different people. But I do not see why a person pushing a broom gets $20 /hour. All the unions are hurting the way we live now because we have the labor laws to protect the worker. The reason unions were created is for the worker safety and job benefits.

    My 10cents worth.

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