I’ll try being nicer if you try being smarter!

Folks, today is my blogoversary. One year ago, I started this blog. I started it due to boredom at work (which is SO not a problem anymore). I figured since I was spending all day reading other people’s opinions, I’d throw my hat into the ring.

I had huge dreams for my blog. Well, medium-sized dreams at least. I think in some ways, I’ve done it, but in other ways, this blog isn’t what I want it to be completely. There’s a huge part of me that I censor from this blog. The times when I disappear for a bit are the times when it’s that other part of me that’s at the forefront. I don’t let that part write on this blog. After a year, I think I just might. Who knows.

But for all of those who read this blog, a sincere thank you. I do it for many reasons at this point and I appreciate the input I get from others. Whether it’s those who support my innumerable pet peeves, or those who give me balanced and objective advice about hard decisions I’m hmmming and hawwwwing over. Thank you.

It’s been a blast and I’ve had more laughs reading all of your blogs than I would have thought. For those of you who have blogs that tend to make me think a bit more, I appreciate yours equally. I love a good think. The viewpoints and perspectives I’ve been able to look at the world through have been priceless.

I don’t know if I can keep this blog going for another year, but I’m gonna give it a shot. Sometimes I feel like all I do is write about things that piss me off, and while I am a highly irritable person, I don’t just spend my life walking around scowling and fuming. Though I LOOK like I do (again, hence the name of the blog). Though I find it odd that my complaining posts are the ones that get the biggest responses….hmmmm….maybe I should listen to what the people want.

And in honour of my one year blogoversary, I give you now more of what you want. Since you read my blog, you must love me (you certainly didn’t just stumble on this site, oh no, you must like me) and since you love me, I’m giving you a peek into the life of Talea.

Hold your cursor over each pic for an explanation. Enjoy.

Thanks guys!!!!!!


Comments on: "You’ve loved me for a year" (19)

  1. Although I haven’t been commenting when you started your blog, I have read all of the posts, EVERY ONE. It’s always nice to read your blog because I can relate to all of the things that piss you off… and the odd one.

    Anyways, hope you continue with your blog, I will keep reading!

    Oh no! Even the crappy stupid ones from way back when? Hehe. Thanks Irina, I like your comments, I love to know that people are reading and getting whatever they will from the blog!

  2. One year! Squeee! I love that I’m in so many photos. Clearly I am important. And hells yeah people love angry blogs cause they can relate. The pissier I get the more hits I get. Nobody wants to read about, like, today I went out for luuuuunch and the pasta salad was really goooooood and such. No. People want to hear “assmonkey on the subway BLRALAARRRLGHBLAARGH!!!” Anyways, keep the good times rolling!

    You’re in so many photos cuz we barely spend any damn time apart!! Ah, I love you dude.
    Lucky for me and the readers then, I DO live in Toronto, where assmonkeys run amuck!

  3. Woot! I’ve also read every single post on your blog. I found it last summer and skipped back the few months I’d missed and was smitten, SMITTEN.

    And we are so damn hawt, I love that you included a photo of me and a photo in my now lovely yard. The periwinkle is spreading! 😀 You’re a rad blogger and a rad friend, happy blogoversary!

    I totally forgot that you started reading my blog before I actually got to meet you in person!
    Awwww, ur smitten?? thanks May, that means a lot since you’re such a sweetie!
    Hawt hawt HAWT!
    And yes, periwinkle will do that! Wait until August!

  4. That’s really great; congrats! I sure hope you do stay around because usually your posts have me in stitches. I do have to tell you, although you put out a good rant; I never think of you in general as a sour puss, walking around ready to strangle everyone in your path. You don’t come off that way to me. Just a girl with something on her mind and has to say it – it usually hits home, and makes me laugh and not think I’m crazy for being annoyed with something….. You are great! You are adorable (great pics), and thanks for always being so real!

    Thank you, I’m so relieved to hear someone say that! Cuz sometimes I really think people must think that I’m this crazy bitch who goes around tripping cripples and punching babies. I’m not! Sometimes I might want to be, but I know I’ll get into trouble and trouble is a very effective deterrent for me!
    Thanks for reading my dear!

  5. For some reason I feel repellent and whiny when I rant and bitch, yet other ranters make me laugh. I love your big tall blog, so keep writing and entertaining me.

    Thank you! I promise to always have enough things which piss me off to fuel this here big tall blog!

  6. Happy Anniversary! As to the stuff you’re not writing, write it. Write the living shit out of it. Then, if you still can’t bring yourself to post it, consider a “subterfuge” blog.

    Again, congrats on your first year…hopefully of several!

    Thanks dude! I think ‘write the living shit out of it’ is my favourite sentence of the week!

  7. Happy Bloggaversary, and thanks for the wonderful pics! We DO love you- you’re honest and smart and hilarious. Here’s to many more years of blogginess.

    Thanks Moonbeam! You make me feel so darned special! How are you doing?? I hope things are calming down and you are able to find out what helps you relieve your work and stress loads.

  8. Yay…congrats on a year Talea! Ohhhh the entertainment I’ve gladly enjoyed from this site, who can deny free laughs and truth serum? 😉

    And listen, you bitch…the taste of Cheez Whiz and Strawberry Jam still haunts me….damn you.

    Oh Romi, I don’t know why you insist on keeping up this act of hating the cheez whiz and jam! Love it!! LOVE iT!!!
    But I’m glad you like my blog, cuz……uh……cuz I like being liked? I forget. Whatevs.

  9. Happy Bloggaversary Talea. Love the way you keep it real.

    And Moonbeam has surfaced to wish you well … that is truly high praise I’m sure you realize 🙂 Your blog is pretty awesome indeed. Blog on prairie sister!

    I know! I was kind of surprised to see her!
    thanks David, it’s just sort of the way I am…..not so much into the bullshitting.

  10. No, really, it’s just your blogaversary!

    Ohh! How clever!

  11. Happy Blogoversary to my donut/wine/tall sista!! You’d have a lovely package of wine from me to celebrate with if I hadn’t gotten to the post office and been confronted with a blaring sign that read: It is a federal violation to send alcohol via USPO. I usually scoff at such warnings but I figured I’d better not risk it seeing that I have a 9 yr. old that might need her mother to stick around for the teen years. Stupid laws.

    What? What kind of wacky country are you living in dude?!
    Pffftt….yeah, your 9 year old probably wouldn’t be able to fend for herself quite yet, so I ‘guess’ I understand!
    Thanks! I love how much we have in common!

  12. Happy Blogoversary!! I have to say that second pic at the top left, i thought it was you and Emerald!! oopsies…

    Heres to many more angry rants about people that are just annoying!!

    Nope, despite my constant references to Emerald, it turns out that I DO have other friends! Haha.
    Here here! I’m sure I’ll be able to continue ranting at the very least.

  13. There is crappy stupid ones? 🙂

    Oh there’s definitely a few. Though I’ve only ever deleted one post.

  14. Happy Blogging! Your blog IS fun to read and you do let a little of the goodness show through even when you rant.

    Thanks Curious….I’m not ALL angry, there’s a few other emotions too!

  15. Like I mentioned before, I have read all of your posts, and they were all really good… and funny. But I do have a favorite one, I think it’s from last September, called, ‘Choch Identification 101’.
    Definitely one of the funniest!

    I like this post because I have had trouble with ‘men’ like that, and really… I didn’t know what to call them. Once, the trouble went so far, I had to pull out the mace! I see all kinds of men like that in Toronto and Montreal! You forget to mention the obvious over-use of fake-tanner of any sort! Only the choch(es) have these stupid rings around their eyes from it.
    C’est derisoire!

    Ahhh yeah, that one’s one of my faves too!

  16. Happy Blogoversary! Congratulations to a year well done and here’s to many more. :mrgreen:

    Thanks Peter!

  17. Hey Talea,

    Happy belated blogoversary! I hope you celebrated with champagne or some wine. I’m also really glad you got that picture (your latest blog). AB

    Sadly, I was totally sober all blogoversary day.
    And thank you.

  18. Congratulations, Talea!

    Thanks! Sometimes it feels like a chore, but usually it’s a blast!

  19. Well, I just found your blog and already I get to see lots of pictures of you! How cool! I will now go back and read some old posts so I can get a sense of who you are, since I like what I’ve read so far, even though it turns out that you are thinner and prettier than me. 😛

    Um….I’m sorry?! Hehe, thanks for not holding my stellar and incredible physical exterior hold you back from discovering my stellar and incredible internal thoughts!!
    Ahhhh, I’m an asshole. Anyways, thanks for dropping by!!

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