I’ll try being nicer if you try being smarter!

One thing I will not miss about this apartment? The constant blackouts.

Every couple of weeks, I’ll be sitting around, doing tons of unimportant things (usually killing time on the interweb) and then I’m plunged into darkness. Now, granted, this is annoying at the best of times. It can be really awful though if you’re absolutely terrified of the dark.

Let’s get one thing straight folks. I. Hate. The. Dark.

I have always hated the dark. I have so many memories of being scared in the dark. I cannot handle dark spaces being behind my back. I need to be able to see everything around me, and if I get stuck with my back to open space, I panic. I melt down. It’s a sense of unease unlike anything else.

Living here leaves me open to that all the time. It has magical timing; it only goes out when the boyfriend isn’t here. If he was here, it’d be okay, cuz he could beat up the ghosts, goblins and trolls that obviously hide in my closets. So the power goes out and I’m stuck here on my own. My tactic is to sit very still, with my back against the couch (which is against a wall) and to open my eyes as wide as they’ll go in the vain hope that I’ll be able to suck enough light from the room around me to let me see. It doesn’t work.

You would think I would have flashlights in an rooms. I don’t own a single one. what’s the point? I can’t see them to get to them, and whenever you do get to them, the batteries will obviously be dead. Then I’ll be scared and annoyed.

In sharp contrast to this, the blackout that knocked out the entire eastern seaboard of the States, plus a nice chunk of Canada back in 2003? 2004?5? Whenever, you know the one I’m talking about. THAT was a blast! The power crapped out in the afternoon, so it was a gradual thing where we lost light, not sudden darkness. Everyone was just out, having a few drinks, having a good time and enjoying human conversation and socialness. We had to eat all the ice cream to stop it from melting (obvs). No emails to check, no calls to take, no alarm clocks to set, no annoying background noise of people clicking away at their damned CrackBerries, and you could see the stars. Every single person I know who went through that LOVED it. I think it should be enacted once a year. Shut ‘er down, boys! We all need a fucking break! Only in the summer, of course.

Shockingly, no, I don’t sleep with a night light. I have to sleep in total darkness. No light. But my bed is shoved against a wall, and be damned if I’m gonna sleep facing the wall. Oh no, I will sleep with my back to the wall, you can bet your last dollar on that.

Here’s to hoping that my new place doesn’t have the same recurring blackouts. It’s a much older building and my imagination will go running to who knows where if I have to sit there in the dark, listening to the creaks and shifts. This blog might turn into the ramblings of an even crazier Talea at that point.


Comments on: "Leave the lights on for me" (11)

  1. Ugh… I am so bad in the dark. I used to run down the hallway after flushing the toilet in the last flat (no hall light – arrrgh the zombies are after meee!)

    And I also have to sleep in a dark room – although every so oftn that backfires. Like the night I lay frozen to my mattress absolutely positive there was a ghost man standing directly above me. I couldn’t see anything, but I couldn’t close my eyes, and I couldn’t move a muscle but my heart was racing.

    I think I eventually short circuted at 3am and managed to get some sleep…

    Dude, you kind of freak me out sometimes with the similarities (so no dark in the bunker til bedtime, agreed?).
    I wrote down about how the one time I dared to sleep with my back to the open room, I heard breathing in the corner of the bedroom and was too damned paralyzed by fear to turn around and run like hell for my light switch. I stayed there for hours, just breathing and not moving, for fear that ghost breather would…..I don’t even know what, but it wouldn’t be good.
    I thought I was the only one!!!

  2. Hi Talea – can’t say blackouts worry me too much. I actually quite like lighting a zillion candles around the house and the quiet is so nice … no humming of the fridge, no tv.

    Anyway hope that your new place doesn’t have them … good luck with your move.

  3. I feel the same way about the dark! Especially having my back to open space like that. Come to think of it, I don’t like having my back to open space when there is light either! In restaurants or other public places I always try to situate myself in a corner.

    I like your idea of a mandatory lights-out once a year! That would be pretty cool. I bet if everyone did it, it would also save lots of money!

  4. Wow… we really are destined to be bunkerbuddies!

  5. Fuck the dark!

  6. Have you seen deja vu? i saw it the other day. you reminded me of it when you mentioned blackouts. if you havent seen it then you prolly think im nuts.

    When the people in deja vu had blackouts it was because this group of scientists had discovered a way to go back into time and send stuff there like a peice of paper but it used heaps of power hence the blackouts.

  7. We gotta make sure you have a FLASHLIGHT just in case! I wonder what would bother me more, sitting in the dark, or sitting in the dark with a flashlight? The whole flashlight thing is creepy in the dark, kinda like candles. Creepy (candles in the dark are ok if you’ve got your guy there and you’re ready to get your freak on) but know what i mean? If the power went out, and I was alone, I think I’d prefer to sit there in the dark.

    Now I’m getting creeped out just thinkn’ about it Talea!


  8. Paul B. said:

    Bring on the power blackouts anytime… then I can moonwalk without anyone seeing.

  9. I take it that constant blackouts can be quite annoying, but the big one you mention, if it weren’t for the looters and traffic accidents, it would be like summer camp at night, right?

  10. kaylee2 said:

    I hate the dark too you moving?

  11. joebecca said:

    I loved the blackout! What fun that was… and the last time i ate a pb&j (why i remember that i have no freaking clue)… i’m not a big fan of the dark either. My imagination runs way too wild. Even for me 😀

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