I’ll try being nicer if you try being smarter!

I’m sure all you blog-whores have seen the six word memoir floating around out there. While nobody has tagged me (pft, whatevs), I am taking it upon myself to share my six word memoir. I’m sure there’s rules and junk that I’m supposed to post, but you can read that on almost everyone else’s blog. You didn’t come here to read rules.

Here it is, my six word memoir:

You Can’t Change Anybody But Yourself.

Oh, so very very true. Now if I could actually apply that to real life, rather than just knowing it and thinking I’ll listen to it, my life would become so much less complicated.

Folks, whether it’s the idiot in front of you at the store, arguing over a 23 cent discrepancy in the price of eggs or the nasty nasty things someone said to you today or the person from your past who hurt you or the resident ass monkey at work……no matter how much you fight, it’s useless. People are stubborn.


Trying to change others is like herding cats. It ain’t gonna happen. If you require change, you’re the one who’s going to need to do some morphing. Only you can affect your life, your environment, your relationships. Nobody is a mind reader and most people won’t care enough to try to become one for you.

It’s what I’ve learnt (through more tears and miniature breakdowns than I care to admit) and I think it’s really key to getting through the days with minimal stress and maximum contentedness. I’m not asking for happiness really……..just want to be content.

So there you have it. My six word memoir. And a bit of Talea-wisdom (patent pending).


Comments on: "Six Word Memoir, or, We’re all Stubborn Mules" (9)

  1. kaylee2 said:

    I agree so much on that !!!!

    The earlier you figure it out, the easier life’ll get!

  2. Good advice 🙂 Even though I know that some days I just can’t seem to stop myself from trying. Next time I’m just going to step back and remind myself “hearding cats.”

    Or ‘pushing water uphill’. Equally impossible.

  3. maleesha said:

    Boy you hit that nail on the head. Or that donkey on the butt. Or whatever. But you are RIGHT!!! Most excellent use of the allocated 6 words.

    Thank you! It was like, the first thing that came into my mind; what I would like to leave people with, what I’ve learned. I think it’s a good one.

  4. Probably a good way to look at life, although I disagree. People have changed me, and I have on occasion changed other people. I would say Em has changed me, in many ways. And my friends have changed me. Writers have changed me. Even people I despise have changed me though their example of what not to be. But I agree that you shouldn’t set out to change people, cause most of them suck. Good post, I might emulate this one, I have a good six picked out already.

    Yes, but you changed yourself because you saw something in those people that attracted you, that influenced you and you made the choice to eminate them or to compliment them in some way or another.
    People change, undoubtedly, but what I was going for is you can’t be all ‘Change! Now!’ cuz it won’t happen no matter how loud you yell or how hard you stomp your feet.

  5. Yes totally! This has got to be one of the reasons I’m not bothered much by other people. Herding cats is a fantastic way of putting it!

    Josh makes a good point, though people are only changed when they want to be changed on some level and the penny-saver in line ahead of you cares not. 😉

    Yeah, you can’t change them, so don’t stress over them I suppose.
    I can’t even count the number of times I’ve just thrown change down on the cashier’s counter when idiot in front of me is struggling to count out dimes and nickels, rather than just breaking the $20 in their wallet. Ugh. I can’t change you, but I can hurry this damned process up!

  6. Umm, I’ve herded cats. Well, not actually myself..but with the help of a very smart Border Collie that I’ve trained to do so. So, it is possible. Sorry, had to argue with you on this one! Ok, where was I going with this? Oh yes. I do agree with you on your six word memoir. It takes some of us many, many, many years to figure this one out. Glad you figured it out early, young lady!

  7. I love being called a “blog whore” by you 😉

    And ummm, yup. That’s about right, stubborn mules we are…it’s such a difficult thing to remember though, ’cause I get annoyed almost daily by certain people who don’t behave in the exact way I would expect them to behave if it was me in their shoes, but let’s face it, I’m never actually going to BE in the other person’s shoes, sitting in the control room manning their behaviour, so I should prolly just worry about what I do in my OWN damn shoes…okay then.


  8. Woo-hoo, I comment right after Romi! “Miniature breakdowns”… that reminds me of my ex. If our relationship would’ve been a band, it would’ve been called “Our Next Miniature Breakdown”. This whole Six word memoir business is new to me, will have to learn more about it.

  9. Great advice and all, very true but isn’t a memoir supposed to be ME focused and not YOU focused?

    “I Can’t Change Anyone But Myself.”

    But, of course, yours does fit the Talea style to have all the YOUs in it…

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