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Update on my grandma

So I was quite surprised by the amount of comments my grandma post got. The one where she screamed, ‘Did you hear that Toady?? SHAVED PUSSY!’ and then proceeded to laugh her fool head off.

I was tooling around facebook today and found this pic of them and I. I don’t know if I posted this pic before, but here it is………my grandma and grandpa and I. Nobody has any memory of them ever fighting and they still joke around with each other like mad. Truly something to model yourself after.

We’re at the farm here, about 3ish years ago:

I adore this photo, I’m so glad I got this. I don’t have many pictures with them, it’s hard to peg them down long enough to snap one!

There you have it folks, this is where I come from. And that’s the sweet little lady that screamed genitalia inspired jokes into my ear last week.



Comments on: "Update on my grandma" (9)

  1. A very nice picture (love the smile) even if you do have a telephone pole growing out of your head. 😛 Looks like a beautiful area you’re in there.

  2. Oh, that’s a telephone pole? I thought one of her grandparents were giving her rabbit ears behind her head – they are so feisty! LOL.

    Your grandparents are adorable, Talea and they look so young. I guess they are doing things right.

  3. Great picture! They look like a sweet couple. 🙂

  4. You and your grandpa have a simular smile. I’ve spelt that wrong havent i?

  5. I can’t believe that that lady yelled shaved pussy. My nana thinks a shaved pussy is a bald cat.

  6. Beautiful! I just got all caught up on your latest posts – did the neighbor shut up the dog? or are you all moved already? and I laughed throughout the Olympics post! thank you for that – spot on.

    Your grandparents are awesome – cherish them.

  7. Is that you? You are beautiful!! Your grandma does not look to be the type to yell out obscenities which would make it even funnier.

  8. Awesome pic, Talea. And those words came out of that cute little lady’s mouth? No way. I still can’t believe it.

    Um…I’m guessing you didn’t get your height from your grandparents.

  9. You are a good lookn’ family there!

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