I’ll try being nicer if you try being smarter!

Emerald has been kind enough to let me overtake her internet tonight, cuz after a disappointing attempt to use the free wifi at a cafe up the road, I was out of ideas.

The last three weeks? Kind of sucked, dudes.

The boyfriend now lives five hours away. The puppy lives with the boyfriend. I have no internet. I have no TV. I have so much stress at work that I finally snapped on Friday and informed my boss as to what I think about the place. Ahem.

And I discovered today that I have a mouse living under my kitchen sink. Bastard. We’ll see who wins this fight, you dirty little monster.

I’m back to being poor. I’m very good at being poor, but in no way do I like it.

I’ve started going to the gym again. I despise the gym. But I also despise the jiggle I am starting to notice on my fat days when I walk down the road. Jiggle = bad.

I has a sad.

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And, as with every single fall, I am deeply homesick right now. I’d love to go home for the fall. But I can’t (see aforementioned ‘poor’ status).

I do have some funny stories to post, but those will be posted next week when I FINALLY get the internet at my place (the delay on the internet is one of the ‘funny’ stories).

All I have today is complaints. Meh. Complaints happen.

Some dumbass bitch on the subway today decided it would be a good idea while on a train to unwrap the new Fisher Price drum that she bought for her 2 year old. So she took it out of the bag, gave the plastic bag to her child to play with while she concentrated on getting the box open. Then she took the plastic bag from him (luckily before he shoved it down his windpipe) and instead gave him a drum with two mallets attached to it with brightly coloured strings. He, being a little boy, immediately started banging it and squealing with delight.

Now, I’m glad he wasn’t screaming, cuz that’d suck to listen to. But what the hell are you thinking giving your toddler a fucking drum on the subway? You are ASKING for it, sweetie. Luckily, I got off at the next stop, or I might have informed her of her complete retardedness. People on the subway want silence, they want to sit there uninterrupted and undisturbed until their stop. It’s subway code. Don’t bother the other riders. And no matter what, don’t go handing out noise making toys to small children. She was damn lucky it wasn’t rush hour. I suspect the drum would have been ripped from the kids hands and placed not-so-gently onto her head.

My life is all in a flummox right now. I realize that I dislike flummoxes.

Maybe it’s better I stay offline til I get back to my normal, cheery (cough) self.


Comments on: "Not the most uplifting post you ever did read." (8)

  1. Aww, hang in there Talea! That woman on the train needs a lobotomy and to donate her brain to someone who will actually use it. Sheesh. Hopefully you can use this time away from technology to catch up on some reading or something – heck you can always write your thoughts out and save them to post to us later! We will be here when you return. I know internet withdrawal is tough, but try not to kill anyone until then, okay? 😉

  2. Try getting a live trap for the mouse. Since you have no internet and no puppy, I think you need a pet.

  3. oK it’s your turn to not be allowed crowbars. i lub you.

  4. aww, you has a sad?? 😦 Sorry dude…I wish you the Internet-connections post haste, and don’t under-estimate that gym thing, a little sweaty cardio and your body won’t be able to deny the temporary chemical happiness of endorphins 😉

  5. A flummox? Now there’s a bright side, at least what you’re in can be called a flummox! I’m flummoxing myself, resulting in neglected blogs, dish filled sinks, and overall hygiene. But, you significantly just cheered me up with your use of the word, Flummox. Thank you. Hope that helps.

  6. Hang in there Talea. I’ve lived without cable or internet at home for over a year now. If I can do it YOU sure can (I’m a big series fan, I don’t know how I live without my cable, though =P).

  7. Talea, you can post even when you’re down. You GO girl!

    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

    Don’t the fucking Fisher Price plastic bags SAY RIGHT ON THEM to not let the baby PLAY WITH THEM?!?

    Fuck’s sake! Why do these people reproduce?

    The onset of Autumn brings these feelings. So take a rest and we’ll catch you on the flip side.

    Thank you for blogging Talea- you’re awesome!


  8. Flummoxes suck Talea! 😦

    Did you watch the late night news that night that the dumb ass bitch that gave her son a drum set on the subway?

    I’m sure there was a story there after you left. Because NOBODY could deal with that noise for the long haul. What a selfish bitch she was, wtf was she thinking?

    Omg, I would have paid to see the look on your face (sorry, starting to LOL here) when she whipped out the drum set for her little drummer boy….

    I would have paid, I tell ya! Cannot wait till your back to your old cheery self 😉

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