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Sometimes, I ashame myself.

I am strangely and shockingly (and ashamedly) obsessed with the new Britney Spear’s video.


I want the redhead Britney’s haircut. Seriously. I could rock that.

Britney Spears Hair Style

What the hell is wrong with me? I’m not 12. I’m not 16. I’m not even 21. Why am I so obsessed with this song? Meh. I care not. I just am. Historically, I DO have terrible taste in music. Good to see some things never change.

*I just realized that the video has embedding disabled on youtube. Arg. Anyways, it’s good. To me at least. I know it’s crap, but it’s like a car crash, I can’t not look.


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  1. You know how I feel about Britney. I love her, always and forever, and I care not. I try to say I’m over bad music but naturally that just means I’m back in the closet about it.

    I LOVE this new video and I think you’d look fan-fucking-tastic with his cut. As I’ve already told you in person with witnesses, but now I’m telling you on the internet so it’s officially official.

    I embrace being 12, 16 and 21, all for different reasons and on different occasions. This morning, Chris decided that I’m 16, because I don’t care and I’m buying the Anderson Cooper shirt.

    You MUST buy that shirt! If you don’t, I will! But you could pull it off much better than I, so for both of us, please buy it.

  2. I am dragging you to the flamingest salon in Toronto, and you are getting that hair cut. March, young lady!

    I’ll buy you wine first if I have to, hehehehe πŸ˜‰

    Please do, for after years of having no real hairstyle, I like the sideswept bangs I’ve got going on and I really have a feeling I’d kick some hardcore ass with that hairstyle.

  3. […] Ha, like yesterday when you referred to the haircut from Womanizer and I had to go look it up cause I had never heard the song or seen the […]

  4. I have not seen that video yet, though I hear that song on the radio in my car, and I’ve been known to head-bop to it and mouth the words “womanizer” over and over…ahem.

    PS: you are SO getting that hair-cut. It will be a new pinnacle of hotness for you. Go get it. Now.

    Womanizah, womanizah, ur a womanizah bay-bee, ooooooh oh oh yeah. Love it. Unashamedly. Well, slightly shamedly.
    I want the haircut. The general consensus seems to be that I should get it. I may just do that.

  5. I love the color of that wig! It looks brunette until the light hits it, and then it goes wild with the red. That would be a nice haircut on you. Bangs can be a pain though. πŸ˜‰

    I’ve tagged you for a meme at my site and hope you can play along.

    Yeah, I’ve had my hair similar to that colour many a time. It looks good on everybody. πŸ™‚
    And thank you! Nobody ever tags me, I’m so excited!

  6. GO FOR IT!!! I am waiting to dye my hair the color of Sharon Osbournes which I have many times. I LOVE her hair. The cut, the color everything.

    have not seen the spears video but that’s freakingly close to the outcome of what happened when I dyed my daughters hair this weekend. Though not on purpose ..what we think happened is that she got two different batches of the same color hair dye. You know when that happens with yarn. Well it turned out fuROcking cool! She says now she’s got rocker chick hair. I of course can’t reach my back to pay myself on it..so I make her do it.

    but anyhow just go for it. Life is short and there are so many hair colors to be tried.

    I haven’t seen my original hair colour since Grade 10. It’s the haircut that will need a bit more courage for me to go through with.

  7. New hair will make you feel like a new woman. I love getting a new cut. You should TOTALLY do it. But you have to post a picture!

    I’m ALWAYS embarrassed to admit when I like her stuff. She is such a whack job. I was totally obsessed with “Gimme More” and “I’m A Slave 4 U” … GAWD, I am embarrassed now.

    Of COURSE I’ll post a pic!
    My second Britney fav? Toxic!!

  8. I totally downloaded miley cyrus songs for my ipod the other day, so that I could listen to them on the bus, and no one would know.
    Embarrasing much?!

    That is embarassing. But I won’t mock you..I did used to love Hanson, let’s remember.

  9. Mhh, I feel out of it, have not heard any new Britney in quite a while. Although she’s super hot, I wish she would pull a Cat Stevens and just disappear for quite a while. I bet you’ll rock that hair-do, though πŸ˜‰

    She did disappear for a while. Now she’s back. With my future haircut. Good ol’ Brit.

  10. Nobody tags you because they are afraid of you. You look so dang angry all the time! πŸ˜‰ LOL.

  11. Ok so did you go get your haircut yet? We are waiting for pictures!!

  12. I have heard worse songs. πŸ˜‰ I’m looking forward to some photographic evidence of the new hair hotness. πŸ˜›

  13. no worries… I’m a 37y male and I love it too

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