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Ghostly Shiznat, Part II

So the ghostly encounters continue around here.

I was innocently sitting around a few nights ago, doing my thing.

I’m ghetto-fab, so I have a fancy-assed DVD player, with no remote control. Consequently (and obviously), this means that I have to get up off my rear end, go to the DVD player, crouch down and physically push buttons to make it do anything.

So as I’m sitting around, watching my one TV channel, I heard a weird ‘whirring’ sound. I looked around and couldn’t figure out where the sound was coming from. Then. THEN. Then I looked under the TV, home of the DVD player.

IT. WAS. ON. It was on, and it was playing. I could see the time ticking in the little display window.

*Insert me shitting my pants here*

I eyed it nervously, worked up my nerve and decided that if Ghosty McGee was going to try to talk to me via DVD’s, I wanted none of it and I was going to turn the damn thing off.

I got up to turn the stupid thing off (keep in mind, no remote….I couldn’t have turned it on, and I couldn’t turn it off without getting up).

I take a step, then two. Then. THEN!! My fucking TV starts SWITCHING CHANNELS. On its own, folks.

It went from 8, to 7, to 6, to 5. It stayed on 5. I punched the damn thing off, turned off the DVD player and shortly thereafter decided that the only rational thing to do was go to bed, shut my door and sleep with my back to the wall, so nothing could sneak up on me.

Still though, I don’t ‘feel’ that my apartment is haunted. Oh, and the white powdery traces? One more on the kitchen counter today, along with what looks to be paint on my previously pristine stainless steel kitchen faucet.

Go figure that one out. Maybe I’m painting in my sleep. But where the hell am I getting the paint?!


Comments on: "Ghostly Shiznat, Part II" (3)

  1. the ghost is providing you with paint 🙂 You know I’ve heard of people doing weird shit in their sleep. You should set a video camera up to record at night. See what happens.

    Why don’t you set some ingredients out for like brownies or something and see if your little goulfriend makes you some brownies 🙂

    I’m all about haunts so I’m diggin’ this. I miss my old work place and the ghost stories. I never had an encounter with either one of them but my daughter going to work with me did and I knew a couple other people who had encounters. Wicked cool!

  2. Who ya gonna call? 😛

  3. I’ve been finding powdery substances on the back of my couches. Turns out the spackle in the ceiling has become dry and crumbly and comes down at times. I don’t know if that is what is happening at your place, but something to check. As for the electronics – does anyone near you have a garage door opener or a close neighbor could have a remote that is on the same frequency as yours and would be messing with it.

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