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November 2-4

So today happens to be someone’s birthday. You may know this someone, as she’s mentioned in nearly every post I write, cuz she’s pretty much by my side 24/7.

Yes…….it’s Emerald‘s 24th!! Go wish her a good one. Tell her Talea sent you.

Mwa! Lub you Em!!!! You’re like, sweet and junk. And by the way, did you know you share your birthday with Ted Bundy? What a fun little fact, jes?


Happy Birthday Emerald!


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  1. Aww. It IS her birthday! I was wondering because of something she said in her post. Happiest of Birthdays to Emerald. 🙂

  2. Awww, this is better than decorating my desk! Because people on the internet actually notice things, unlike the majority of people in our office.

    And yes, I do share a birthday with Ted Bundy, as well as many other wonderful traits. Um…like…uhhhhhh, wasn’t he at least charming or something?


  3. Mission accomplished ma’am. Thanks for the heads up. 😉 What a good friend you are. 😀

  4. Yes, Em is very special, many salutations 🙂 ….I have the same birthday as the Hef, which kind of makes me wonder if that’s why I’m such a wannabe slut, hahaha….

  5. Man, I gotta go online more often, I missed Em’s birthday. I suck ass. Will go send my b-wishes now.

  6. Yeah Happy Birthday Emerald. Via your good friend Talea. You probably know how lucky you are to have friends like her, right?

  7. Happy Birthday Emerald! And Talea, I LOVE your new header. It’s fucking awesome!

  8. dude…where you hiding?

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