I’ll try being nicer if you try being smarter!

This commercial makes me unreasonably mad. Like, outright angry. It hits some part of my brain that makes me want to punch people.

I hate these damned caramel….drips. I hate their ugly spandex and their floppy weird hats. And their asexualness. And their stupid facial expressions. And the jiggling.

GAH! It seriously pisses me off!!

I’ll have to send Caramilk all my receipts for the shit I’ll break whenever this bloody commercial assaults me from the TV.


Comments on: "Stop Jiggling! And what is on your head?!?!" (5)

  1. whatigotsofar said:

    Finally, somebody blogged about this so I won’t have to.

    This commercial makes me both disgusted, and mildly aroused.

    There’s something wrong with me.

  2. Um, nothing that isn’t wrong with a lot of us, whatigotsofar! Obviously the folks at the ad agency came up with this idea after a 5-martini lunch. “We were only following orders!” they would say. “Come up with something NEW about chocolate and caramel candy that doesn’t make people think of SHITE!”


  3. I’ll tell you one thing: it sure as HELL doesn’t make me crave their damn chocolate bars. So that’s a dollar you won’t be getting from me, idiots at Cadbury. Suck it!

    (Wow, I had no idea how strongly I felt about this.)

  4. This commercial makes me feel vaguely uncomfortable.

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