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Stuff and Junk

This is my post about stuff and junk.

– Frugal July? Um…..well. I haven’t bought ANY yarn all month! Mind you, that’s totally negated by the flight I took, which wasn’t free (pshaw). Also, giving up expensive overpriced coffee is harder than one might think. On the other hand, I didn’t buy any alcohol! Well….except for that time, and that other time, but one of the times, I was away visiting the fiance! So I HAD to.

– After two and some years of dealing with beligerent, demanding, arsehole clients who constantly toe the line and shorten my lifespan, one of them took a flying leap over said line and got themselves a nice nasty email today informing them to kindly stop abusing me and my staff, lest they let the door hit their ass on the way out. Thanks guys! It felt powerful and vindicating.

Go ahead, try me. Push the button. See what happens. I dare ya.

Go ahead, try me. Push the button. See what happens. I dare ya.

– Toronto had a garbage strike all month. Nobody noticed. Nobody cared. Take that, garbage union. Oh, and fuck you. Luv, Talea.

– I’ve changed the location of my wedding from Saskatchewan to Ontario. You have no idea the amount of fretting that went into that decision. Though surprisingly, there was very little fallout to that announcement.

– I bought a product today. An expensive product. A splurge product. I opened it and was happily surprised to find a $5 off coupon inside for the next time I purchase said product. Oh, the glee! Then I looked at it. It expired on 12/31/2007. Please note that I bought said product on 7/28/2009. Anybody else see the issue there?? Luckily, this isn’t a perishable. But really??

– I’m going home in two weeks. I will lay eyes on my parents for the first time since Dec 26, 2007. Huh. The coupon was still good at that point….

– I continue to knit far more than is healthy. I have incurred a knitting related elbow injury. Stop laughing, it hurts. I had a moment of joy this morning when I realized the person across the aisle from me on the subway was ALSO KNITTING A SOCK! We saw each other and acknowledged the respective footwear. It was special. And geeky.

– Oh yeah, and here’s a random pic I LOVE. I got permission from May to post her on teh interwebz, so it’s all cool. This is from a few months back, mere hours after her third wee baby was baptized. Yay God, then we got hammered. Yes, it’s me on the left, May on the right and if you look close, Em is in the back!

Drunk? Me?? You're insane.

Drunk? Me?? You're insane.

Yup. That’s all I’ve got.

Comments on: "Stuff and Junk" (5)

  1. Haha, look at me patiently waiting my turn for a May-and-You.

    And was this non-perishable splurge product you purchased anything like another expensive non-perishable purchase that you made in my company whilst shopping for my vacation? That I purchased the accessory to and have yet to borrow? After the shoes that I almost bought? Because that particular purchase was totally acceptable and not at all unfrugal. You can’t put a price tag on stuff like that.

  2. I saw Em in the back! heee-heee! Nice pic! I cannot believe that you and some other woman were knitting a sock at the same time and gave each other the “look” of “WAY TO GO!”
    ROFLMAO! YOu are too funny!

  3. Woe unto the issuers of perishable coupons for overpriced shit! May the postmarks on all their rebate mailings be just past the midnight deadline …

    Yes, that’s a nice photo of you 3 hot drunk chicks. Yay God! No really, congratulations on the baptism. 🙂 Please accept apologies in advance if this question is inappropriate in any way but, are Emerald and May sisters? Since I follow all you fun Canuck ladies on the interwebs all these many moons I keep wondering …

    And don’t take this the wrong way either Talea, but that button you’re daring us to push looks like something we would want to lick instead. Wha? Yeah! It looks like candy.

    Best to you with your wedding plans. My daughter’s 1st wedding anniversary is a few weeks away. We have the piece of wedding cake in our freezer awaiting this occasion …

  4. Ummm, Go Riders!?

  5. Perhaps you could stuff the coupon in the sock, call it a value add.

    Or not.

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