I’ll try being nicer if you try being smarter!

I hate it when I’m stupid

The last 3 nights, as I lay in bed trying to fall asleep with my eternally plugged up ears (fuck you ear infection), I’ve thought of a-MAZ-ingly hilarious post topics. I even had an outline and everything all made up in my head.
Did I write them down?
No need! I’ll surely remember them in the morning, with the breaking of dawn (er, noon) and all that shit.


I’m retarded. Talea, write that shit down next time, so you don’t have to post your triumphant ‘hey look, I’m back!’ post about how shitty your posts are cuz you’re too damn lazy to write stuff down.

I’m going now.


Comments on: "I hate it when I’m stupid" (2)

  1. Keep a digital voice recorder on you bedside table. 😉 All the good thoughts come when you’re laying there and the sleep won’t.

    Hope you’re feeling better already. 😉

  2. If Seinfeld taught us anything, is to keep a notepad next to your bed (in case your subsconscious should deliver the funnies), better yet, as Peter suggested: a voice recorder. So nice to have you back!

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