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Chickens and People…..all the same, really.

I have terrible taste in TV. Terrible.

So tonight, I was watching Kate plus Eight (shut up, I already know I’m a bad person for that). In this lovely episode, amongst other things, they got themselves some chickens.

I was watching, enraptured, as eight small children stared down at chickens and waited for their eggs.  Indistinguishable child number whateverthehell reaches down and grabs a fresh egg.

Without any hesitation, I turn to the beau (who is innocently sitting in the same room, trying to ignore my disgusting television choices by reading some academic paper or some such thing) and shamelessly say, “So, what? Chickens just walk around with like, a hole in ther abdomen with a space for an egg to grow until they…..?.” and then I made a motion indicating the passing of an egg out of a chicken’s….area. “That’s so fucking weird.”

He stares at me.

I stare back.

He stares at me like I’m the dumbest fucking idiot he’s ever laid eyes on.

Then I realize…….I AM the dumbest fucking idiot he’s ever laid eyes on.

“Huh….that’s exactly like how women walk around with a space in their abdomen to grow a human being. Right. Shut up Talea.” I said to myself.

He stares at me.

I start laughing ridiculously hard, and manage to drool on myself in the process.

I went to University. I even graduated. I swear.

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