I’ll try being nicer if you try being smarter!

Leggings? Are not pants. I’m not entirely sure who to point my finger at in blame for this recent phenomenon. I’ve noticed an awful lot of females wearing leggings. As pants. Pants should cover your legs and hide your skin and keep everything within them protected and safe from the elements. Leggings don’t meet these criteria. They cover nothing, they hide nothing, and good luck convincing me they keep the elements out.

First of all, I thought leggings went out in the late 80s. I should rephrase that….I had HOPED that leggings went out in the late 80s. My memories of the late 80s are foggy at best, and I’d hoped that my memories of leggings would remain as such as a consequence. However, barring any sort of head trauma, the images I’m compiling at the age of 27 are guaranteed to be more vivid, and far more difficult to dismiss.

I remember owning leggings. When I was 7. I think 7 should be the maximum legging-wearing age allowed.

If you are of the age where you can cross the street without holding someone’s hand, you should put on pants.

I don’t care if you wear a long sweater that covers your ass, it isn’t covering your thighs. And when you sit down? The material becomes see through. I’m not sleeping with you, I don’t want to see your thighs. You know what would fix that? Putting on some damn pants.

I don’t want to see every crevice, nook and cranny. Frankly, I don’t think I deserve that kind of visual assault. I’m no saint, but I’m not entirely evil. Put that shit away.

It’s beyond me why leggings are even made in adult sizes. You think you look sexy in them, but you just look like you have no friends who love you. If you did, they would discreetly tell you that you can’t wear those out in public. I guarantee you that if one of my friends asked me, ‘Can I wear these? Should I buy these?’ they would immediately get the look of  ‘um, are you a fucking maniac? NO. Put them back and never think of them again.’

If you are such a narcissist that you need people to see the true outline of your legs, go ahead and put on a skirt (of reasonable length and clinginess PLEASE) and put on some tights. You wouldn’t wear tights as pants, and really, we’re arguing semantics between leggings and tights.

Truly, I cannot think of a practical application for leggings. Any acceptable situation for leggings could easily be handled by some tights. So why are we even creating these horrible fashion disasters? Why are we allowing women to suction fabric onto their cellulite-laden legs in the name of hipster trendiness? Why can’t these people just put on pants??  There is no place for leggings in this world. Yeah. I said that.

In FACT, since leggings are so obviously completely useless (based upon my flawless and incredibly thorough argument above), they are entirely a waste of resources. We are raising crops of cotton, employing underpaid labour, burning through fossil fuels to transport these things and for what? For this?

People. For the love of the earth, put on pants. We can’t keep killing our world and wasting our resources so that these people can believe that they are skinny enough to pull these off. They aren’t. And if they are, then they’re emaciated, and I don’t want to look at that either.

If you love Mother Earth, put your pants on. Thank you.

Comments on: "Why leggings are to blame for the destruction of our planet." (7)

  1. Yeah, and it drives me BATTY that the jean-leggings are called “jeggings.” OMG. JEGGINGS?

  2. But I can eat whatever I want and wear my jeggings. Sure, I have pretty bad camel toe, but it just feels right.

  3. I could’ve written this post.

    Today I saw a young lady wearing studded leggings, with swirls that deliberately outlined her rear crevice. UGH.

  4. bahahahaha…I totally wear leggings! But not cotton ones that are see-through when you sit down, and yes with long shirts that cover my ass…it’s just so freeing not to wear pants at work sometimes!

    Judge me as you see fit.


  5. realramona said:

    Good lord, you are so right.
    And now….

    You can but MEGGINGS!

    Oh yes. Like jeggings but for men. I kid you not. Holy shit, somebody make it STOP!

  6. WOW just what I was looking for. Came here by searching for leather leggings for women

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