I’ll try being nicer if you try being smarter!


I’m a 20 something gal living in Toronto. Originally from Saskatchewan, I tend to compare everything to my prairie standards.

I’m bitter, I’m blunt, and I don’t have very much patience. I don’t like slow walkers, and I’m a bit of a loner….by choice. I want to learn how to knit. I live with the boyfriend and my puppy Zoey. She’s pretty much the only one on here that gets mentioned by name. She doesn’t understand humiliation, and it’s unlikely that she’ll get found by a potential employer who googles her and disqualified for the job as a result of what I write.

This is where I get out some of my thoughts….good, bad or otherwise. Oh! And please comment! Please! I love it when people comment. You don’t even really have to say anything. Just say, “I read this”. Or maybe say where you’re from. Cuz I’m a geography nerd too. Sigh. Humour me?

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  1. Very cute blog although the knitting thing has made me slightly nervous..

  2. i read this. I live in los angeles.

    Thank you please.

  3. You already know where I am, so chalk-up another “Toronto-area” fan to your list 😉

    You know what I like about you most? It’s that despite the crap you get for your “angry face”, anything that pisses you off is pretty rock-solid; you have logical bitterness, and it’s hard to disagree; and also, I can relate to being annoyed when people ask you to smile; my default face is a semi-frown, and I’m pretty damn pleased with it…

    Semi-frowns are hot. And logical bitterness? I love it!!! Thanks for justifying my crankiness Romi.

  4. Love your blog 🙂 I too have very little patience. I joined kickboxing, and it helped me with that whole ‘no kicking stupid people’ thing.

    Ah, a lurker comes forward! Thanks leaf! And kickboxing really appeals to me…..if only my gym wasn’t such a hole and offered classes later than 6 PM, I’d do it. Maybe on weekend I’ll rally up some of the gals and exercise my impatience away. Where you from Leaf?

  5. […] of a procrastinator perfectionist really. I liked the last theme, but EVERYONE has it. Romi has it, No Really – It’s Just My Face has it, DR PEPER IS GOOD 4 THE SOUL has it. Like I said. […]

  6. People ask me all the time why I look mad too – I’m not mad, dammit!

    Kansas City – about 200 miles east of the Kansas prairie.

  7. I’m from Orlando… and I hate it. I want to punch it in the face.

  8. *Oooo’s and aahhh’s over the new avatar*
    I just want to know if the dog or the boyfriend pulled you out to do the raking. No I’m just worried about you leaning on the rake and the dog is sitting so close…you be careful out there!

    I know! It’s kind of like how it happened….it’s all nice and pretty and idealistic and then WHAM! The dog chomps ‘er in half. Hehehe.

  9. hey, I read this 🙂 I’m in London.

    Haven’t read your blog before but it popped up in my stats so I’ll be having a nosy through it tonight.

  10. iamthediva said:

    hey there, i read this!! a fellow Skatcher myself. thanks for stopping by my bloggy home. i’ll be sure to return to yours and read some more. 😀

    Ah, the Skatch. I love that word, though it does sound like an STD to me. Hmmmm. Prairie people are the greatest, everybody knows that. 😉

  11. I live in El Paso, TX, but I’m from New England. I really like your blog!

    I’m a knitter and I must say that knitting is great. Do you have a Stitch N Bitch group near you? Those are fun and I’m sure someone would be happy to teach you. You can also find help on some cool websites like Knitty.com, which is actually based in Toronto. I read about some place called the Knit Cafe in Toronto which looks pretty cool. What the hell is up with Toronto being such a cool knitting mecca? I wish El Paso was like that. Good luck!

    I should probably update this….hrrmmm…cuz now I DO know how to knit! And I love it! My gals and I have a twice-monthly Stitch and Bitch gettogether, and yeah, Toronto is filled with tons of knitting cafes.
    I’m on my way to becoming a knitting genius!

  12. Read a bit of your blog . . . funny stuff. Keep up with the nonchalant attitude – it helps.

    Living in Knoxville, TN, BTW.

  13. I read this too, and I’m glad I found your blog. I’m in Ohio, but originally from Tennessee. I liked reading your red wine manifesto. Cheers!

  14. I just read on Romi’s site that you’ve never been on a date?!? WTF???

    Haha. Yes it’s true. The boyfriend and I have been together 8 years, yet have never been on a ‘date’. Sorry to blow your mind.

  15. Hello geography geek. This should make your day. I’m from Paekakariki, a little coastal town near Wellington in New Zealand. Pleased to ‘meet’ you 🙂

    I read this.

    Wow, if you grew up there, you must have been 15 by the time you could spell that! Mind you, I’m from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, which probably isn’t much better.
    I’m glad to know I’ve been read down in Paekakariki!

  16. Lumpy check’n in from Chih-cah-go – IL. Very nice blog!

  17. I read this from all over the lower 48, but I’m from Arizona, mostly. 🙂

  18. I’m from New Hampshire and 2Lazydogs said i should check out this little corner of the WordPress sillines….very nice…:) think I’ll come back for more.

  19. Love your blog. I’m from New York and have been to Canada quite a few times; Toronto once or twice. By the way, where is Saskatchewan? Geography isn’t my strongest subject. 🙂

    Anyhow, I linked to your blog. Please consider linking back to mine if you feel like it’s worthy enough to do so.

    Thomas 🙂

  20. annette bening birthday

    Man i just love your blog, keep the cool posts comin..

  21. […] Did you like this brief introduction? Find out about it in full detail here. […]

  22. trishatruly said:

    Logging in from NE Pennsylvania—

    Just found your blog and I’m very impressed! I will be looking in on you regularly!

  23. I am from North Florida and randomly ran across your blog. I enjoyed reading it!

  24. You are so very lucky you live in Toronto. I live in little ol’ Napanee Ontario and is is a living hell! Only for more years then I can leave!

  25. I am now living in Quebec

  26. Yaaaay Saskatchewan!!! The only way I would ever get into a fistfight is if it involved someone bad-mouthing the Riders ( I fucking love them).
    I, too, get asked regularily if I’m mad, based on my face (turns out I usually am. But still…), so I adore your title.
    Thanks for the link, I’ll do the same.

  27. Allison Sim said:

    I don’t know how I found you but I’m glad I did.

  28. I’m reading this from Lexington, KY! Love your blog!

  29. maleesha said:

    Reading from Southwest Montana. Hilarious (I have a mad face too.)

  30. cool blog, it’s awesome. i’m so gonna blogroll ya!

  31. No wonder I like your blog. We have a pug named Zoe. Also, I rarely understand humiliation…so there’s that too.

  32. I didn’t know there were still people left in Saskatchewan. I guess I sort of assumed, after Jets left, everyone just closed up shop and made their way to Alberta…save a few pockets of feral grain farmers, driven mad by the isolation*.

    I read some of your postings: you do seem a tad angry, but wry enough it’s endearing. ..from afar.

    And I’m from Ottawa (so I’m allowed to make fun of the middle parts of my country).

    *Thus no longer people proper.

  33. so…..hi from perth, western australia 🙂 come say hi to me cos i’m so damn loooonelyyyyyyy 😉

  34. WTF?!?!
    A.J. I hope you didnt say what I think you be saying which I thought I read but hope I didnt as mentioned before.

  35. maureenlynn said:

    Hello. I was linked here because my post about Canadian quarters and laundry was “similar” to one of your posts. Seems like a fun little blog, so perhaps I’ll keep reading it.

    I like geography too. I’m from Michigan originally but recently moved aaalllll the way down to Albuquerque, New Mexico.

  36. smalltownsmalltimes said:

    I read this.

    I’m living in a perfect little town that is just perfect for perfect people…which is why I spend half my days on my laptop and the other half in therapy.

    I have imperfect Canadian neighbors that I love. Unfortunately they have other things to do. So here I sit.


  37. (looks around) Is this Heaven? I mean, I love writing a good rant every now and then, but this . . . <i<this is like having a Pepsi with shaved ice and a box of Moonpies in front of you. You know it’s probably not the correct thing to crave, but you also know you’re gonna consume it all anyways, so why kid yourself?

    I shall be returning as I can to catch up on all I’ve missed up to now. I love this!

  38. You’re funny.

    I live in Eugene Oregon. People often confuse my “normal” face with my angry face. It’s always been a problem…for them, not for me.

    See you on ravelry! : )

  39. I just found this blog via “how i got over my fear of spiders.” I am deathly terrified of cockroaches and i have decided not to be anymore (well working on it anyway). i would never have thought to make a comment, except that i read that you like them… also i am a geography geek as well. we play the capitals game whenever we have downtime 🙂

  40. oh and i am from Saint Louis Mizzoura USA though i am really a brit

  41. I think you need to update your profile blurb. 😉

  42. Came here via Praying to Darwin blog, and happy to find another funny prairie girl spreading the wrath. Also, I can’t tell you how many times random men have told me to ‘Smile!’. And the answer is, dude, it’s just my face.

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